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Ali Landry Biography, Wiki

Ali Landry Biography

Ali Germaine Landry is a former beauty queen, model and actress. Ali Landry biography is very interesting as it talks about not only her beauty pageant days but post pageant, film, television and personal life too. Ali Landry profile has her best known as Doritos Girl as she was a part of famous 1998 Super Bowl commercial. She is best remembered for the role of Rita Lefleur from UPN show Eve in Ali Landry profile as an actress. As a model, she is remembered in Ali Landry profile as one of the 50 most beautiful people all over the world as voted by People magazine.

Ali Landry Wiki

As one reads Ali Landry biography, one gets to know that the former beauty queen grew up in Louisiana and is a major in mass communication. As per Ali Landry biography, success came her way in 1990 only when she was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA. In Miss Teen USA 1990 contest, she represented her state and ranked seventh in the competition. Ali Landry records started once again in the year 1996 when she won the Miss Louisiana USA title and was the first former Miss Louisiana Teen to win the crown. Ali Landry records list increased as she represented her state in Miss USA 1996 pageant and won it too. Unfortunately, she could not make her mark felt in the Miss Universe competition.

Ali Landry records have her achievement not only in beauty pageant but also during her modeling and acting career. One a personal front, Landry came across TV personality and actor Mario Lopez in the year 1998 and they finally got married in the year 2004. However, they broke up only after two weeks of marriage over Lopez’s infidelity issues. Ali Landry records have her marriage to film director Alejandro Gomez Montevede in the year 2006 in Mexico. The couple has a daughter and a son together.

Ali Landry Achievements

Ali Landry achievements started when she was a teenager only. She was crowned Miss Teen Louisiana in the year 1990 and later Miss USA in 1996. Post pageant, Landry modeled for many famous magazines and sis some commendable work. One of many Ali Landry achievements include her being the spokeswoman for Doritos chips and appearing in Super Bowl football games commercial consequently in the year 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Ali Landry achievements list is long. She was not only votes as one of 50 beautiful people all around the world by People magazine but her house was also featured on MTV Cribs celebrity homes. She is in one of the 100 sexiest women list by FHM magazine several times and twice in Stuff Magazine’s list while Askmen.com named her one amongst the 50 most desirable women.
Ali Landry achievements on television:

  • Spy TV in 2002.
  • Eve from 2003 to 2006
  • Runner-up in the show of Fear Factor
  • Hosts Spotlight to Nightlight presently in English and Spanish language version

Ali has launched her line of lifestyle clothing called Belle Parish in 2009. Ali Landry achievements in movies include:

Who’s your daddy?

  • Bella
  • Repli-Kate
  • Outta Time
  • Beautiful
  • Soulkeeper
  • Hung Tom Chun

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