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Alicia Silverstone Biography

Alicia Silverstone profile is as vivid as the lady herself. Alicia Silverstone profile offers in depth information about the actress’s personal life and profile as fashion model and author. Alicia Silverstone profile became more interesting with the release of her music album Aerosmith and is well known for her roles in movies like Batman & Robin in which she portrayed the character of Batgirl and Cluelesss.

Alicia Silverstone Biography Alicia Silverstone Biography starts with her early life which tells her fans that acting was in her blood with her father being a part time actor. Alicia Silverstone profile of an actress started when she was only 6 years old for Domino’s Pizza and The Wonder Years was her first television show.

Alicia Silverstone Biography includes various movies she has worked in. she portrayed various shades of characters and believed in offering her audience with variety. In this process, she even turned down some major roles in movies like Scream 2, Scream 3, Little Woman, Bewitched, Heart Breakers and The Opposite of Sex. Still she got achievements in everything she did on television, films, theatre and music videos.

Alicia Silverstone Achievements also has a list of social awards she won like the Heart of Green Award in 2009 and Voice of Compassion in the year 2010.

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