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Anna Nicole Smith Biography

Anna Nicole Smith profile is as diverse as the talented lady herself. Anna Nicole Smith profile is that of a model, television personality and actress. Anna Nicole Smith records started with Playboy as she became the Playmate of the Year in 1993. Anna Nicole Smith profile as a model saw greater heights when she was approached by Lane Bryant and Guess jeans to model for their clothing lines.

Anna married an oil business tycoon J Howard Marshall in year 1985. She was 62 years older to her and people blamed Anna for marrying for money. After the death of Marshall, a legal battle started over the share of Marshall’s estate. The case even reached US Supreme court, which has mentions in Anna Nicole Smith profile too. In the year 2007, Anna died in a hotel room in Florida after an overdose of medicine. The last six months of Anna’s life were full of media attention as her son died and there was a battle over the custody of her biological daughter going on.

Anna Nicole Smith Wiki

Anna Nicole Smith Biography starts with her childhood days. She was born in Harris Country in Texas and was raised by her mother and aunt. She quit schooling and joined Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken where she met Billy Wayne Smith, the restaurant’s cook. They married in 1985. Anna was only 17 years old as per Anna Nicole Smith records. Next year Anna gave birth to their first son Daniel while she separated with her husband next year only. She later worked as a waitress, salesgirl and a stripped when Playboy magazine audition ad came in newspaper and a new chapter of Anna Nicole Smith Biography was written with her selection.

Anna Nicole Smith Records and Achievements

Anna Nicole Smith profile as a film actress started in 1994 when she did The Hudsucker Proxy. The same year, she was seen in Naked Gun 33: The Final Insult. She also did movies like To the Limit in 1995, Skyscraper in 1997, Anna Nicole Smith Exposed in 1998, Wasabi Tuna in 2003, Be Cool in 2005 and Illegal Aliens in 2007 which was released after her death.

Anna Nicole Smith Achievements list is long on television also. She did shows like The Naked Truth in the year 1995, Sin City Spectacular in 1998, Veronica Closet in 1999, Ally McBeal in 1999, the Three Stooged NYUK in 2000. Anna Nicole Smith Achievements on television came her way with The Anna Nucole Show that ran on television from 2002-2004. She also did Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson and Comedy Central Roast of Jeff Foxworthy, both in the year 2005.

Anna Nicole Smith Achievements in music industry started in the year 1993 when she appeared in Bryan Ferry music video of single Will You Love Me Tomorrow. She was also a part of Marilyn Monroe remix My Heart Belongs to Daddy. In the same year 1997, she was a part of Supertramp’s You Win, I Lose. She was last seen in 2004 video The New Workout Plan.

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