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Barack Obama Biography, Wiki

Barack Obama Biography

Useful Information

Born – Barack Hussein Obama II August 4, 1961 (age 50) Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Profession – Community organizer, Lawyer, Constitutional law professor, Author
Political Party – Democratic
Residence – White House (Official), Chicago, Illinois (Private)
In office – January 8, 1997 – November 4, 2004 (Member of the Illinois Senate from the 13th District)
Alma mater – Occidental College Columbia University (B.A.), Harvard Law School (J.D.)
Religion – Christianity
Spouse – Michelle Robinson (1992–present)
Children – Malia (born 1998),Sasha (born 2001)
Parents – Stanley Ann Dunham (Mother), Barack Obama, Sr.(Father)

Barack Obama Wiki

From the Biography Barack Obama, it is found that his birth name was Barack- Hussein- Obama II and his family members call him more than one nickname as Barry, Rock, Not Drama Obama, Bama and The One. His height is six foot one inch. His mother was “Ann Dunham” and she was an American but his father was Barack Obama Sr. and he was black Kenyan. His father and mother both were the student of the same university of ‘Hawaii’.

When the father of Barack wanted to leave Harvard, at that time, Barack and his mother stayed behind and due to this reason, his father had to return alone to ‘Kenya’. His father worked in Kenya as government economist. The mother of Obama remarried with an oil manager of Indonesia and went to Jakarta and at that time, Obama was only six years old. After that, he narrated Indonesia as concurrently flourishing and a tormenting revelation to stifling deficiency. He came back to Hawaii, where largely his grandparents brought him up. The family survived in a miniature apartment building and his grandfather has a job of furniture sales representative and when he worked in a bank then he was an unsuccessful insurance agent.

Barack Obama biography tells that Obama went to Columbia University but he found that New York’s tribal apprehension inescapable. He turn out to be community coordinator for undersized ‘Chicago Church’ based faction for 3 years, to help of South Side poor populace deal with gesticulate of sow closings. After that, he had taken admission in Harvard Law College and in the year 1990, he became first ‘African-American’ editor of ‘Harvard Law’ assessment. He curved down to choose prominent judicial clerkship, instead of choosing practice of law that was based on civil-rights in Chicago, representing fatalities of accommodation and employ prejudice and functioning on the legislation of voting-rights. He started teaching at Chicago Law College University and after sometimes, he married with Michelle Robinson who was a legal representative. Ultimately, he was designated to Illinois state legislature, where his region incorporated both South Side poorest ghettos and Hyde Park.

In the year 2004, Obama was designated to U.S. council as representing Illinois, Democrat and he achieved national consideration by benevolent stirring and a well-received significant vocalizations at egalitarian ‘National Convention’ in Boston. In the year 2008, he participated in an election for President and with the four years experience in politics he won.

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