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Bhagat Singh Biography, Wiki

Bhagat Singh Biography

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Born – 28 September 1907 Chak No. 105, Banga village, Jaranwala Tehsil, Lyallpur district, Punjab, British India
Died – 23 March 1931 (aged 23) Lahore, Punjab, British India
Influenced by – Anarchism, Communism, Socialism
Political movement – Indian Independence movement
Nationality – Indian
Other Names – “Bhaganwala”(‘the lucky one’) by his grandmother
Alma mater – University College London, University of London
Religion – Sikhism (early life), Atheism (later life)
Parents – Vidya Vati (Mother), Kishan Singh (Father)

Bhagat Singh Wiki

Bhagat Singh had taken birth in the year 1907 at Lyallpur district in West Punjab. His father was Kishan Singh and mother was Vidya Vati. From the Biography Bhagat Singh, it is found that he has five brothers including him and his brothers names were Amar Kaur, Kultar Singh, Rajinder Singh and Kulbir Singh. He had completed his initial education at D.A.V college of Lahore. The implementation of Ghadarite- Kartar- Singh- Saraba in year 1915, the tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh of 1919 and Rowlatt Act made storm centre of protest to Lahore.

According to the Biography of Bhagat Singh, he acted in response to rebelliousness call of ‘Gandhi’. After that, he left D.A.V. College and joined National College originated by ‘Lala- Lajpat- Rai’ and from that college he completed his graduation in the year 1923. From 1923 until his execution time in 1931, Bhagat Singh committed himself to emancipation of the motherland. Bhagat Singh biography tells that in the year 1923, he linked himself with Babbar Akalis and Akalis, who had planned Morcha of ‘Guru- Ka- Bagh’. In the existing year, he joined Republican Association of Hindustan Socialist and elected in very short time from the post of ‘general secretary’ of the central committee. He was delegated with co-ordinating task of inter-provincial activities of Association.According to the Bhagat Singh biography, Bhagat Singh Azad and Rajguru decided to murder of Mr. Scott because they believed that he was responsible for lathi bluster given to revere Lala. Captivating him for ‘Scott’, they blast at Saunders, police constable, on December 17 of year 1928 and murdered him.

Bhagat Singh fugitive from Lahore after that incident and went to Calcutta and there he opened party’s new branch. The party delegated B.K. Datt and Bhagat Singh for throwing a bomb and explode in Assembly of Central Legislative in Delhi for demonstration of alien rulers utter repugnance and alienation of Indians against autocratic rule. From the Biography Bhagat Singh, you will find that in 1929 on April 8, they had done a bomb blast when ‘Central Assembly’ was in gathering and after that presented themselves for arrest Inquilab Zindabad and shouting. B.K. Datt and Bhagat Singh were arrested.

Later Sukhdev, Rajguru and Bhagat Singh were hanged up in the Central Jail of Lahore in 1931 on March 23 at approx 7.30 pm. Bhagat Singh had given a huge contribution in the freedom of the country. His magnificent sacrifice and bravery was an inspiration for Indian youth.

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