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Brooke Burke Biography, Wiki

Brooke Burke Biography

Brooke Burke was born in Connecticut, on September 8, 1971. She was raised in Tuscon, Arizona. Her father is French/Irish while her mother is Irish/Portugese. During her childhood days, Brooke cultivated a likeness for desert. She wanted to be a rock band drummer and had never dreamt of joining the world of entertainment.

Brooke Burke achievements and Brooke Burke records

Brooke was discovered by a talent scout while she had accompanied her high school friend to a modeling agency in Arizona. She was a beauty show winner and made her mind up to pursue a career in modeling. By the age of 18, Brooke Burke profile with a vast experience during the pageant fetched her modeling assignments ranging from magazines to billboards, swimsuit editorials, catalogs and posters. She has repeatedly been ranked as one of the world’s sexiest women.

Burke moved to Los Angeles after winning an acting scholarship, and enrolled for broadcast journalism at UCLA. In between her first year classes at school, Burke signed for some high profile modeling agencies and endorsed for brands such as Coca Cola, Anheuser Busch, and M Professional Cosmetics.

Although, Brooke Burke achievements has led her to a successful career in modeling that keeps her busy and contented, she once took an interview with E! Entertainment. The producers were searching for someone who could go to foreign locations, confidently interact with the people, and be natural. After a very informal meeting with the producers, Brooke presented a trial show, which they all adored and signed a three-year deal. Thereafter, she has been recognized as the hottest tour guide on E! Entertainment’s favorite travel series. She has guided several tours ranging from the Australian Outback to the Mayan Riviera, and from the Bamboo forests of Bali to the bizarre and glamorous nightlife of the world’s outlandish party hubs. Born with an instinctive craving for adventures, Brooke has explored each country as a representative of culture and ethnicity, rather than a mere tourist destination.

Brooke took modeling to new heights by gracing the cover page of Playboy in 2001. She was one of the three women selected to be photographed for At A Glance Calendar in 2002. She appeared in total fitness commercials as well as Discover Card.

In addition, Brooke has appeared in video game, “Need for Speed: Underground 2”. She received a Spike TV Video Game Award for Best Performance. She has also lent her voice to “Trivial Pursuit Unhinged” video game.

On small screen, Brooke has starred on “Las Vegas”, “Less Than Perfect”, “Eve”, “It’s All Relative”, “The Bernie Mac Show”, “Monk”, “Rock Me, Baby”, and “That’s Life”. She made her stage debut in “CenterPIECE” monologue. She also appeared in a high profile Burger King commercial during Super Bowl XL.

As an entrepreneur, she has unveiled an online store, BabooshBaby.com. It features specialty products that are exclusively meant for expectant mothers.
Regardless of all Brooke Burke records that she has achieved, she volunteers for charitable work. Brooke’s favorite pastime is doing pilates and yoga, taking long walks, horse riding, reading psychology books, cooking, and watching movies and plays. Her husband is a plastic surgeon. The couple had one daughter before their marriage in 2000, and then gave birth to two more daughters after the marriage.


Regardless of her frantic schedules, Burke welcomes new challenges with buoyancy. No doubt, this gorgeous actress finds the sky as the limit to accommodate her talent and elate the Brooke Burke profile.

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