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Cameron Diaz Biography, Wiki

Cameron Diaz Biography

Cameron Diaz profile is that of a former model and an actress. Cameron Diaz profile as an actress has been very popular specially in the 1990s when she appeared in movies like There’s Something About Mary, The Mask and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Her very important roles include doing voice over for Princess Fiona in two movies Charlie’s Angels. She has also given voice for Bad Teacher and Shrek series. Recognizing Cameron Diaz profile, she has been nominated several times for different awards for her role in Being John Malkovich, There’s Something About Mary, Gangs of New York and Vanilla Sky. She has also won Golden Globe Award for her act.

Cameron Diaz Wiki

Cameron Diaz Biography has events from her life. She was born in California, San Diego. Her career as a fashion model started when she was only 16 years old. Within few years of her modeling career, she has worked with major brands all over the world including Levi’s and Calvin Klein. Cameron Diaz records have her being featured in the magazine Seventeen.

Her career in movies started when she was only 21 years old with The Mask. The movie was liked both by the critics and masses and Diaz became a sex symbol. She did many more movies in her career including small budget films like The Last Supper, She’s the One, A Life Less Orinary and mainstream movies like There’s Something About Mary, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Being John Malkovich, Very Bad Things, Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, Any Given Sunday, Vanilla Sky, Shrek and Charlie’s Angel. She also appeared in What Happens in Vegas, My Sister’s Keeper, Fun with Dick and Jane, In Her Shoes and The Box.

Cameron Diaz Achievements include her ranked by Forbes Magazines as the richest celebrity.As per Cameron Diaz records, she also was a guest judge on X Factor semifinal.

On a personal level, she was in a relationship for three years with her There’s Something About Mary costar Matt Dillon. She was also engaged to Jared Leto in 2000 but ended their relation after four years. She was also in relationship with Justin Timberlake, a singer and more recently she was known to be dating baseball player Alex Rodringuez.

Cameron Diaz Achievements and records

Cameron Diaz Achievements started in the year 1997 with My Best Friend’s Wedding when she received several awards. She also won awards for movie There’s Something About Mary in the year 1998 and was nominated for Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for her role in Man Woman Film. She was also nominated in the year 1998 for her role in Being John Malkovich. She was again nominated in the year 1999 for Any Given Sunday. Next year again she was nominated for Charlie’s Angel and Shrek. She was also nominated, according to Cameron Diaz Achievements,for her other movies as Vanilla Sky and Gangs of New York. More recently, she was nominated for Shreks Forever and After and Bad Teacher.

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