Car insurance basics in the Sunshine State

Tourism is a major player in the economy of Florida. This is largely because of the wide stretch of beaches all over the state coupled with the lovely weather that everyone loves. In fact, Florida topped the list of destination states years ago. Around 50% of those who are from the Northeastern portion of the United States have opened up about their plan to visit the Sunshine State especially during spring breaks. Because of this, numerous motorists are in the state at any given time.
To protect all involved parties in case of motor accidents, car insurance Florida is a must. While buying the first one that comes to mind is completely fast and easy, there are a number of benefits to going the tougher way. Taking time to get a car insurance comparison and go through such thoroughly can lead to a lot of savings plus getting a deal that is worth the price and truly effective in its purpose.

Car insurance Florida is required for all residents of the state. A minimum coverage has been set for both personal injury protection as well as property damage liability, and both are requirements for all car owners. However, the state is quite known for the really low minimums for the coverage, which easily makes up for the strict coverage requirement.

As a no-fault insurance state, it does not matter who is responsible for an accident. Anyone who gets involved in an accident is protected. One’s medical costs are paid up to the limits provided in the policy. The set minimum for car insurance Florida is $10,000 for personal injury protection or PIP insurance and $10,000 for property damage liability or PDL insurance.

Based on the personal injury protection, the coverage is not limited to the car owner and driver only. It also provides for the child of the owner as well as the other members of the household. When the child is riding a school bus as well as when one is involved in a car accident as a bicyclist or pedestrian, the insurance also covers the medical costs and any income losses resulting from the incident. The passengers in the car who are without PIP insurance and do not have their own car are also covered.

With the property damage liability car insurance Florida, all damages inflicted on somebody else’s property by the insurance holder is covered.

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