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Bhai Dooj

Bhaidooj Celebration Rituals

Bhaidooj Celebration

Bhaidooj Celebration Rituals Bhaidooj Celebration is held on the second day of Shukla Paksha, in the bright Kartik fortnight. Bhaidooj Rituals : diawaliDiwali, the festival of lights is perhaps the most important festival for Indians. It is a 5 day Lakshmilong celebration with sweets, fireworks, gifts, new clothes and a …

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Innovative BhaiDooj Gifts

BhaiDooj Gifts

Innovative BhaiDooj Gifts The fifth and last day of Diwali, the second ShuklaPaksha of the Kartik fortnight, is teachersdaycelebrated as a day of the love between brothers and sisters. In different parts of the country it is called Bhaidooj, Bhaubeej, BhaiPhota, Tikka , and also Yam Dwiteeya. Legend has it …

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The Bhai Dooj Story

Bhai Dooj Story

The Bhai Dooj Story Diwali, the festival of lights, has many stories associated with it like that of Krishna killing Narakasura, or Vamana defeating Mahabali. Though the underlying moral is the triumph of good over evil, there are slight variations. The Bhai dooj Story:- The fifth and last day is …

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