Diwali, it is time for kids’ to learn new things

Diwali, it is time for kids’ to learn new thingsThough we all celebrate deepavali, kids like this festival most. It is a great opportunity for diawalithem to learn a lot

Diwali, it is time for kids’ to learn new things

of things and know about origin of this festival of lights. We should first make them learn about the importance of the festival. We can make the children to learn making lantern and help them to do so.

We can also teach them how to draw beautiful rangolis in from of the main door. We should tell them how to be careful while firing the crackers and how to have a safe festival of lights. We should also teach them to make many sweets. We should also make them familiar with the background of all five days of deepavali and their significance. We should also teach them how to prepare gifts for friend and relatives and what are the different ways you can pack them. We can make Diwali for kids really enjoyable.

Diwali for Kids:

Bhai dooj is the most important day of this festival and we should teach them important of this day. This day is a day that expresses love of brother and sister. This day helps to make the bonds between brothers and sisters. This day helps them to express love toward each other’s. The preparations of the festival begin with cleaning of your house. You should make children learn how to clean the house. This will help them to have a clean and healthy life and have a bright future. After this you should teach them how to do the puja. This is the most important pooja and it is believed that laxmi arrives the house after this pooja is done.

We can also teach them to prepare different lanterns and lamps. This may help them to learn craft in better way. Generally in our country kids get big vacation on for this festival. In India many camps, courses are organised during Diwali for kids. In these courses many arts are being taught such as painting, drawing, craft etc. You can also take your children to such classes and they can learn many things as well as learn lots of things. You can also find some activity classes during this time period.

So are your kids excited to celebrate this festival of lights? So simply get them new clothes, and lanterns and they will indeed have a happy Diwali. They will do the puja with clear mind and get the blessings of god. Let their occasion be very happy and may god bless them in form of real success.

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