DR Rajendra Prasad Biography, Wiki

DR Rajendra Prasad Biography

  • Born – 3 December 1884, Ziradei, Bihar, India
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Died – 28 February 1963 (aged 78) Patna, Bihar
  • Alma Mater – University of Calcutta
  • Fields – Politics, Social Activist
  • Institutions – Notable Awards – Bharat Ratna
DR Rajendra Prasad Biography

DR Rajendra Prasad Biography, Wiki

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who was born on December 3rd 1884 and died on 28th February 1963, was an educationist and politician. He is regarded as one of the greatest architects of India, who was elected as the first president of India and drafted its constitution. He is the only distinct president, who has been chosen two times for the post of president.

During the movement of independence, he abandoned his work of law and merged with Congress party for exercising an astounding role in the movement of Indian independence. He worked as a president by being member of the Constituent assembly, which drafted the constitution that lasted for two years from the years 1948 to 1950. He was also inducted as first minister with portfolio of Agriculture and Food in 1946 in the provisional national government.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad took his birth in Siwan, a district lying in Bihar. His father’s name was Mahavira Sahai. He belonged to Kayastha family. He was popularly called as Rajen by his friends and family. His great father was a student of both Sanskrit and Persian languages and his mother, known by the name of Kamleshwari Devi, was a holy lady.

When Mr. Prasad attained the age of five years, his parents got him tuition from a Moulavi, who was a qualified scholar of Muslim, for learning Hindi, arithmetic and Persian languages. Having completed his elementary education, he went to a school of Chapra district at a tender age of 12. Later, he got married to a beautiful woman, Rajavanshi Devi. He and his elder brother, Mahendra Prasad approached Academy of T.K. Ghosh in order to study for two years. Amazingly, he obtained first rank in the entrance examination conducted at the Calcutta University. As a result of this, he was given scholarship of Rs.30 per month. He also went to Presidency College in the year 1902 as student of science. He cleared classes of Intermediate level, which was then known as F.A. under the provision of Calcutta University in the month of March 1904. Thereafter, he took decision to concentrate on the stream of arts and completed his master degree in Economics. He enjoyed first division at this examination conducted by Calcutta University in the year 1907. There, he used to live with his loving brother in the hostel of Eden Hindu. A social activist and devoted student, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was an energetic member of the well-known society, Dawn Society. Because of his moral sense of duty towards his education and family, he denied to join services of Indian Society. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was also a kingpin in the formation of the conference of Bihari students in the year 1906. This organization was first of its kind in country like India.

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