Exchanging Diwali Wishes This Festive Season

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is the brightest and most joyous celebration in India.It is a time when you see happy, smiling faces all round.A time when everyone exchanges Diwali wishes along with sweets and gifts.When the aroma of laddoos, gujiyas, chaklis, and other sweets and savouries come wafting out of every home, and children can be seen running around bursting crackers and lighting sparklers. Five whole days of joy, celebration and sumptuous food.Usually families get together and there are huge dinners and loads of sinfully rich and delicious food.

Diwali Wishes :

Whether loved ones are near or far, people find a way to convey Diwali wishes.

When family and friends are abroad and it becomes a physical impossibility to wish in person, people send e-cards or text messages through the various Smartphone apps. Technology has certainly managed to bridge distances.

Gifting is an integral part of Diwali. Sweets, decorative diyas, scented candles, dry fruits and nuts, clothes – all these are the usual gift items. The market is flush with beautifully wrapped packages of all these items (except clothes of course). You can even find baskets with assorted nuts, sweet boxes and a few diyas and/or candles thrown in for good measure. There are in fact, companies the specialize in preparing such gift hampers. So if you are not satisfied with the readymade hampers or wrapped gifts you find in stores, you can place a customized order with such firms. They will gift wrap items according to your specifications and deliver them in good time.

It is also a time for sisters to receive gifts (on bhaidooj) from their brothers, wives to receive gifts (on Padwa in Maharashtra and Gujrat) and children to receive new clothes and gifts from parents, aunts and uncles.

Buying jewellery on Dhanteras is also an important tradition. However with the skyrocketing gold prices, many have switched over to purchasing silverware

Corporate gifting has in fact almost become an industry as most big companies give substantial gifts and/or bonuses to their employees at Diwali. They place huge orders for individually wrapped gifts. They could range from expensive pens and stationery sets to hampers of dry fruit and diyas, candles and sweets or chocolates.

It is also a time when people lock up their calendars and schedule books and find the time to visit friends and family. Togetherness is the essence of the festival of lights and there is great joy in celebrating this festival in huge numbers. When people in the neighbourhood burst crackers together, they have a bigger pile to enjoy as everyone pools their fireworks.

Each day has its own importance. The wonderful thing about this festival is that it is a mixture of tradition and rituals on one side, and wholesome fun and merry making on the other.

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