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Chhath Puja, Festival of the Sun God
Chhath Puja, Festival of the Sun God

Glorious Worshipping Of The Sun God Takes Place During Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja 2018 – Date: November 13, 2018

Although Chhath Puja is not celebrated by all the Hindu sects of India, but many states predominantly honor this festival which is related to the worshipping of Sun god. Many northern states and eastern states of India such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh etc are known for their grand celebrations of this festival. The Chat basically symbolizes the glory of a setting sun during the sunset hours and on this day the people pay their respects to the setting sun in the late evening. The celebration rituals of this puja festival are quite different in all these states but the theme behind the festival remains the same.

Chhath Puja, Festival of the Sun God
Chhath Puja, Festival of the Sun God

Chhath Puja in Chhattisgarh :

The commencement of this puja occurs during the Hindu Karthik month according to the Hindu calendar. The sixth day of the second half of the Karthik month or the second fortnight’s 6th day of this month is celebrated as Chhath Puja. Although the celebrations take place during the whole day but the four hours of the sunset in the evening are those hours when the main rituals of the festival of worshiping the sun are completed. Some states also celebrate a second sun worshipping festival around the Holi season too which is known as Chaiti Chat.

The theme behind the celebration of this festival is that the Sun is treated as a God in India according to the Indian mythology. So, people have deep faith in the power of Sun God that their wishes can get fulfilled if they give their offerings to the Sun God in the form of `Ardhya’. Women and men both worship the Sun God together and pray with deep devotion in order to seek the blessings in the evening of the festival day. The people dress up to their nines in the best finery they could afford. Women wear gold ornaments and adorn accessories like bangles, forehead adornment, anklet, necklace etc on this day.

The people of the state Bihar are very deeply attached to his festival and people throng the streets to celebrate together near the rivers too. The attachment of the people with this festival is reflected in their enthusiasm of celebrating this festival. Sweets are specially prepared on this day to be used as offerings for the Sun God. It is considered that presenting offerings to the Sun God and taking a dip in the holy river water will help the people in getting rid of their sins too.

The people gather in huge numbers at the banks of river along with their puja material which has to be offered to the Sun god. The ritual of bathing or dipping in the Holy river water of Ganga is also a staunchly followed part of this Chhath Puja. Then people use the Kalash or pot to offer water in the direction of the setting sun as a part of sun salutation.

Chhath Puja – Date: November 13, 2018

Thus the festival is a great way to celebrate the positive energy of the setting Sun.

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