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Key Minister Narendra Modi tweets significantly additional than Congress president Rahul Gandhi, but Rahul is now obtaining extra engagement for each tweet than Modi. How did this take place? TOI takes a shut appear at the numbers…

Rahul Modi

Modi tweets about a wide array of problems (diplomacy, saying new initiatives) while Rahul makes use of Twitter mainly for political purposes…

No of tweets (since Jan 2017)

…but, on a per-tweet basis, Rahul will get much a lot more engagement than Modi.


Immediately after getting the Congress president, Rahul’s engagement on Twitter has soared and considerably exceeds that of Modi on a per-tweet basis. So immediate has been this enhance that some critics allege that Rahul’s quantities have artificially been inflated in an orchestrated PR marketing campaign. Supporters argue that the upsurge is simply because Rahul has been speaking a lot more pointedly about troubles that voters more and more treatment about…


Rahul’s messaging on Twitter is largely close to a few items – attacks on PM Modi, farmers, and the jobs disaster.


Rahul engages in quite a few private attacks, even though Modi avoids this sort of posts on Twitter. In his 1,381 tweets because the beginning of 2017, Rahul has stated both “Modi” or “prime minister” at the time in just about every 13 tweets (104 instances in full). In comparison, Modi never talks about Rahul straight. He has pointed out “Gandhi”, “Nehru”, or “Rahul” only 9 situations — and each of all those tweets were about both Mahatma Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, or Rahul Kaushik.


Tweets about farmers (individuals that contained the terms “farm”, “crop”) had been radically distinct in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, both equally Rahul and Modi experienced a identical quantity of tweets about farmers, and Modi received considerably additional engagement. But in 2018, although Modi had much additional tweets about farmers than Rahul, the Congress chief acquired double the engagement.



Rahul talked far much more about employment than Modi, and normally obtained far more engagement.


WHAT THIS Usually means

Rahul and Congress are considerably a lot more adept at applying social media in 2018 than they have been in 2017. Rahul’s confrontational messaging can simply backfire. Modi and BJP appear to be leaving own assaults to their supporters. But modern defeats in the Hindi heartland may well see their tenor and messaging develop into significantly much more shrill as we get closer to the standard elections next calendar year.

Textual content: Rishabh Srivastava Graphic: Sajeev Kumarapuram

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