Independence Day

Independence Day

India’s Independence Day falls on the 15th of August. This country was founded in 1947, and every year Indian citizens celebrate the birth of a huge nation. This was the time when Indians got independence from British, who reigned over them for more than 200 years. Independence Day carries its own charm with it. It’s a national holiday, so all government institutions are closed. The whole country is decorated with lights, paper flags and big fabric flags. The markets start selling patriotic badges, posters, stickers and flags weeks before 15th august.

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There is a huge excitement component associated to Independence. People gather in the morning in every city to listen to a Government official’s speech, and sing anthem at the end of the day. Many more sit in their comfort zones at home, and watch the hoisting of Indian flag by the prime minister at Red Fort in Delhi on the television. School children sing patriotic songs, and martyrs from the fight for independence are remembered.

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There are several patriotic shows arranged to pay homage to those who struggled for independence. Many reality TV shows specially invited Indian soldiers to come and participate in different activities or they are given awards, as recognition for their services. TV channels play recordings for the first announcement about Independence of India. Politicians and people from religious and academic disciplines come together and make plans on how to improvise on current Indian economy, defence, education, and so on, and so forth.

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The evenings are spent outside the houses, visiting any decorated highlight buildings of the city, such as the India gate or Prime Minister’s house. The evening takes a completely different aura with the whole country flooded with lights. The children and youth enjoy this event the most, as young bikers wearing promotional t shirts would roam around the city waving the Indian flag all around and exclaiming “long live India”.

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