Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh – With technological advancement and rapid development in MNC and IT, the need for computer professionals is increasing day by day. Therefore, BCA is a great career choice for those who are always fascinated by the world of computers.

The Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate course in Information Technology and Computer Applications. The course provides knowledge on different computer applications and how to solve and solve problems arising from computers and their applications. The course covers topics such as core programming languages ​​Java and C ++, data structure templates, networking, and more. B.C.A. Provides various opportunities to students who want to pursue a career in IT and software.

The course is divided into six semesters and due to its popularity, it is available as both regular degree and distance training. Candidates can choose according to their interests and qualifications.

Here are the best Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh

Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, Chandigarh (DAV Chandigarh)

Founded in 1958, Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, Chandigarh (DAV Chandigarh) is a self-financed institution providing education in various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. DAV Chandigarh is affiliated with Panjab University. Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, Chandigarh (DAV Chandigarh) is founded by Mahatma Hans Raj and is inspired by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. DAV has grown with the city of Chandigarh and has become an integral part of the socio-economic development of the city. DAV Chandigarh has been working tirelessly with the mission to inculcate in the students a spirit of public service, work culture, and basic values ​​like discipline, commitment, and dedication among the students.

Contact Details of Dayanand Anglo Vedic College, Chandigarh (DAV Chandigarh)

Address: 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160011

College Phone Number: 0172 275 4400

2nd out of Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh

Goswami Ganesh Dutt Sanatan Dharama College, Chandigarh

Founded in 1973, Goswami Ganesh Dutt Sanatan Dharam College is recognized by the NAAC with A + grade and UGC has the status of ‘Potential Excellence with A College’. GGDSD is ranked 99th in the All India Rankings by NIRF (2019). The college offers major UG, PG, and doctoral level courses with multiple specialties. Admission to all courses is on a merit basis except M.Sc. M.S. Students are required to submit a PU CET score. Candidates seeking admission in GGDSD College have to register themselves online on the official website of the college and apply for the respective courses there. In addition, the college’s NCCMP course is accredited by the NSE.

Contact Details of Goswami Ganesh Dutt Sanatan Dharama College, Chandigarh

Address: Sector 32-C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160030

College Phone Number: 0172 491 2400

3rd out of Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh

Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Chandigarh

Founded by the Sikh Educational Society in 1973 to help young women cope with the changing world with quality education, Guru Gobind Singh College for Women City is recognized as a leading institution of higher education in Tifful. An organization for academic, cultural, and sports excellence and achievement, it is working to equip students to live a good life by cultivating human qualities as well as smart, confident, strong, informed, and responsible citizens of the world. Over the course of more than four decades of history, the institution has not only grown from strength to strength but has also continued with the changing world of education. The college offers courses in Commerce, Humanities, Computer Science and Basic Law Science.

Contact Details of Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Chandigarh

Address: Sector 26 Rd, Sector 26, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160019

4th out of Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh

Meher Chand Mahajan Dayanand Anglo Vedic College for Women Chandigarh

Also known as Meher Chand Mahajan Dayan and Anglo Vedic College for Women Chandigarh, MCM DAV Chandigarh, is a private college located in Chandigarh, Chandigarh. MCM D.A.V. Chandigarh was established in the year 1968. MCM D.A.V. Chandigarh offers various courses like BA, BA (Hons), B.B.A., B.C.A., B.Com, B.Com (Hons), B.Sc., M.A., M.Com, M.Sc.

Many of the facilities provided by MCM DAV Chandigarh include Medical Support Systems, Gym, Sports Complex, Library, and Information Center, Practical Lab, IT Center, Auditorium, and more.

Contact Details of Meher Chand Mahajan Dayanand Anglo Vedic College for Women Chandigarh

Address: Sector 36a Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for women, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160036

College Phone Number: 0172 260 3355

5th out of Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh

Chandigarh University (CU)

Chandigarh University (CU) is a private university recognized with A + grade by NAAC. The University has a total student body of 13,221 with over 5,500 students in all departments. There are a total of 16 departments in undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. courses that offer a wide range of skills. Admission to these courses is given on the basis of marks in the CUCET examinations conducted at the university level. The University has emerged as a top university in terms of placement and is recognized and accredited by various institutions for its high placement record. With more than 691 multinationals visiting the CU campus in 2018-19, the number of offers has touched 6617 and the highest package has increased by 30%, with the new high of INR 35 LPA. The level has been reached.

Contact Details of Chandigarh University (CU)

Address: NH-95, Ludhiana – Chandigarh State Hwy, Punjab, India 140413

College Phone Number:1800 121 288 800

BCA Course Overview

Rapidly growing information technology and communication systems have become critical parts of almost every company’s strategic plan. Companies that want to take advantage of new information technology and communication systems need expert professionals who can apply the principles of computer science to solve problems created by the interface between business and technology. Our B.C.A. The program exposes students to various areas of computer applications including the latest developments in the industry at an undergraduate level.

The program provides comprehensive knowledge with an equal emphasis on theory and practice in the field of information technology. B.C.A. The graduate will be able to demonstrate advanced skills for effective analysis, design, and comprehension of business systems using contemporary information technology. The broad objective of the program is to provide the right academic foundation from which an advanced career in computer applications can be developed. In addition to the use of computers, a conceptual basis will be provided in its practical business application to enable candidates for entry-level jobs in IT sector.

Eligibility Criteria for BCA

For admission to the BCA course, eligibility criteria depend on the college for which students are interested in applying. Many factors will affect eligibility, such as basic, math, number of students applying for the course, location of college, etc. Students must pass 10 + 2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks. In addition, different colleges and institutes may have their own examinations, which students will have to clear with good marks for admission. The minimum age to apply for the course is 17 years.

How to get admission for BCA?

Students interested in pursuing higher education in the field of BCA should ensure that they know all the details of the BCA course and the guidelines for admission to the college of their choice. Students should pass the entrance test conducted by the institute and get the above cut-off scores for their 10 + 2 along with the required subjects. After the exams, it is likely that students will be called for a face-to-face interview with the institution. Some universities may choose not to have an entrance exam and decide the result of students who weigh 10 + 2 scores and JEE / AIEEE figures perfectly.

A look at the BCA exams

Students need to prepare themselves in advance for the entrance exams to ensure that their chances of getting admission in the college of their choice occur. Knowing the format of entrance exams helps students manage time and ensure that they have time to work on topics or streams that are their weakness. Every college has a format of examinations, and so students should take the time to go through last year’s examination papers to ensure that they are ready for the final examination.

Students must ensure that they have completed their 10 + 2 studies before appearing in the exams.
Students can take these exams online, offline or offline, and students who meet the deduction criteria will be eligible to study at institutions.

BCA topics in detail

Now that you are familiar with the list of BCA course topics and syllabus, let us summarize some of the important topics.

Software development

This course covers topics such as multithreading, legacy, networking, database programming and web development with experience in advanced programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, Assembly, COBOL, C, Lisp, etc. to help you design. , Implement, check and debug major programs.

Software engineering

This topic covers the basic aspects of software engineering aimed at providing procedures and procedures for the design, development and maintenance of a reliable software system useful to humans. There are a few units involved in this topic, designing software solutions, implementing software and maintaining it.

Multimedia system

Multimedia data has become an integral part of today’s world and modern research projects. This topic provides a thorough understanding of multimedia standards, systems and resources, content representation for multimedia achievement, and multimedia network communication.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI Web machines. 3.0 The greatest part of making machines or computers as intelligent as humans. This is one of the unique BCA course topics covering two main topics: machine learning and solving AI problems using algorithms, intelligent agent building, robots, and Python programming. With the rapid development and advancement in technology, we can expect more exciting features and uses of AI in the future.

Web-based application development

The topic focuses on designing and developing web-based applications using many tools and programming languages. Learning in-depth HTML and XHTML coding with design concepts in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allows students to create webpages. The course also provides an advanced knowledge of PHP, one of the world’s leading programming languages ​​for web development.

Theoretical computer science

Theoretical computer science involves an understanding of the principles of mathematics along with the tools of mathematics. These include topics such as algorithms, automaton theorems, logic, computational complexity, and combinatorics.

Database management system

The main objective of a Database Management System or DBMS is to provide a mechanism for efficiently and conveniently storing and retrieving database information. Some of the key concepts covered in this topic are Relational Algebra, SQL, Relational Design Theory, Online Analytical Processing, Data Mining and much more.

Data communication and computer networks

Data communication is the transmission of digital data between a computer network or data network and two or more computers. Computer networks allow computer computers to transmit data either via cable media or wirelessly. In modern information and acquisition systems, the communication platform is designed to channel towards a more creative and interactive mode. Important topics covered in data communication and computer network (DCN) include signal transmission, encoding, and interfacing, transmission media, data link control and multiplexing, LAN and WAN.

What does a BCA graduate do?

The specialty of the BCA course is that it provides computer knowledge in theory and practice. It enables students to work as system engineers, system testers, junior programmers, system administrators, web developers, software developers, etc.

Their roles include a variety of shared responsibilities and functions; Some of them are:

Research and Development: BCA graduates are responsible for representing new areas of computer software and product development. Their role motivates them to study and research the missing parts in computer software development.

Computer System Management: Graduates of this course are most familiar with computer software and the various uses of these softwares. Therefore, part of their job is to maintain the safe, economical and efficient use of available equipment.

The reason why BCA can bring you a rewarding career?

BCA is an important and necessary degree for the job market today as it provides students with all the necessary skills to learn about computer science and computer applications. These skills can help students get internships and work placements and, therefore, help them work on their CVs to build a successful career.

Demand: Role in the computer, AI and innovation industries is in high demand. Therefore, the student does not have to worry about gaining work experience after graduation. There are also many opportunities in the research field if students should be interested in pursuing it.

BCA career options and job prospects

There are many career options available to candidates across the country after a BCA degree. Interested students can pursue higher studies in the same field as the MCA degree. This is a post-graduate degree in computer application. Various top colleges in India offer MCA degrees.

After completing the course, students have a wide range of job options in IT and software. With the rise in technology, thousands of MNCs have invested in India. These companies are always looking for trained computer professionals. In addition, they can look for jobs in private, public, banking, education, stock market, insurance marketing and e-commerce. BCA Fresher’s annual salary package is between Rs. 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs.


Here above we have given the list of Top 5 BCA Colleges in Chandigarh. The information technology sector is one of the top BCA pay package providers. There are job opportunities for BCA graduates in both the private and public sectors. A freshman can expect a salary of Rs. 2.5 million per year while working in a subordinate position. There are many multinational corporations like Facebook, Oracle, Twitter, and SAP Labs that offer beautiful packages to students. With technical expertise and work experience, one can quickly increase one’s BCA salary. Government agencies and agencies also offer BCA graduates a great job profile and a good salary package.

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