Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh – A growing number of students are choosing a commerce stream to further their careers, which is not surprising. For both B.Com and M.Com, there have been significant improvements in the curriculum and education to cater to the demands and needs of the industry. Business graduates are required in all industries and therefore their job security is independent of the industry.

In addition, it is well known that every business, including every governmental and non-governmental organization, needs these critical tasks and qualifications to be a Commerce graduate, and therefore the job opportunities in the market. There is no shortage.

Here are the best Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College

Goswami Ganesh Dutt Sanatan Dharam College was established in 1973 under Panjab University. The college has been awarded A + grade by NAAC and has been selected for the Star College scheme. This B.A. General and Honors, B.Com, B.Sc. Offers undergraduate courses in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics and Bachelor in Computer Applications. Postgraduate courses such as MSc in Biotechnology, Physics, Applied Chemistry, MA English, Economics and M.Com are offered to students. Deen Dayal Upadhyay The institution has been sanctioned under the Acquisition of Knowledge and Renewal of Skilled Human Skills and Livelihood (Skills) Center. This enables the college to run Beowulf courses on logistics, retail management and fashion technology.

Contact Details of Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College

Address: Sector 32-C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160030

College Phone Number: 0172 491 2400

2nd out of Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh

DAV College, Chandigarh

DAV College, Chandigarh, also known as DAVCHD, was established by Mahatma Hans Raj in 1958 in Chandigarh. Affiliated with Panjab University, it is managed by Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society. Under the umbrella of DAV, one of the leading educational institutions, the college derives its inspiration from Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj and a prominent visionary. DAV College Chandigarh is accredited by NAAC Bangalore with an ‘A’ grade and is ranked as one of the top Commerce Colleges in North India according to a survey conducted by AC Nielsen-Marg. It also falls within the All-India Rank Band 101-150 and is titled Chandigarh’s Best College (2019-20). It is ranked 109th by NIRF in 2020.

D.A.V. College, BA, B.Com, B.C.A., B.Sc., B.V.O.C. As well as M.G.E., M.A., M.Sc. Like PG. In addition, the College offers diploma courses in Cosmetology and Beauty Care, Medical Lab Technology, Computer Applications, Marketing Management and Mass Communication. It also offers PhDs in Chemistry, Zoology and Biotechnology.

DAV College, Chandigarh has a strong infrastructure with a library, labs, sports facilities, hostel accommodation for boys and girls, cafeteria, medical, banking and other facilities. It also has an instrumentation lab to make institutional and industrial research possible for all. It has also been selected by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi under the FIST program and a grant of Rs. 1.5 crore has been provided for the construction of the required standard research infrastructure.

Contact Details of DAV College, Chandigarh

Address: 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160011

College Phone Number: 0172 275 4400

3rd out of Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Panjab University (PUCHD)

Panjab University is a college public university located in Chandigarh. Funded by both the state and central governments, it is considered a central, as well as a state university. It began as an integral part of the Panjab University in Lahore, which was established in 1882.

Punjab University (PU) is a Central and State Government funded university. The University has 6 Constitutional Colleges at Sikhwala (Sri Muktsar Sahib), Balachaur (SBS Nagar), Nihal Singh Wala (Moga), Dharamkot (Moga), Mokham Khan Wala (Ferozepur) and Guru Harsahai (Ferozepur).

Panjab University Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Diploma / PG Diploma, Certificate and Professional courses such as Business and Management Studies, Accounting and Commerce, Arts (Visual / Performance), Design, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Medicine and Health Science, and science.

Contact Details of Panjab University (PUCHD)

Address: Sector 14, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160014

College Phone Number: 0172 253 4867

4th out of Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Post Graduate Government College, Chandigarh

Post-Graduate Government College is located in Chandigarh in the Indian state of Chandigarh. Established in 1953, it is accredited by NAAC and is affiliated with Punjabi University. PGGC, Chandigarh, Physical Education, Arts, Science, Performing Arts, Commerce & Banking, Management, IT, Medical & BA, BSc, BCA, BBA, BCom, BCom, B.Sc. Available to its students. There are additional campus facilities such as an auditorium, ATM, computer lab, gym, library, medical facilities, games, seminar hall, cafeteria, laboratories.

Contact Details of Post Graduate Government College, Chandigarh

Address: Post Graduate Government College, Madhya Marg, 11D, Sector 11, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160011

College Phone Number: 0172 274 0597

5th out of Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh

Government College Of Commerce and Business Administration

The Government College of Commerce and Business Administration, commonly known as GCCBA, located in Sector 42, Chandigarh, is a prestigious college offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The College was established by the Chandigarh Administration in the year 2006 and has recently been recognized by the NAC as Grade B. GCCBA 42 is affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh and is one of the top colleges for business and commerce courses in the city.

The admission process in the Government College of Commerce and Business Administration depends entirely on the cut-off percentage which is often very high. Only 3 courses and some seats in the college make it even more difficult for students to get admission to GCCBA 42. In this post, I have listed the courses available with a fee structure framework and cut-off percentage for each course.

Contact Details of Government College Of Commerce and Business Administration

Address: Sector 50, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160047

College Phone Number: 0172 267 3394

About Master of Commerce (M Com)

To enhance one’s skills and knowledge in Commerce, Finance, Management, Accounting and Economics, and other related fields, the Master of Commerce (M.Com) is a 2-year postgraduate or master’s degree course in Commerce in India. Is offered in colleges. With an M.Com degree in India, it is ensured that students gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of various aspects of Commerce and Banking.

Across India, M.Com has been a popular choice for B.Com and B.Com (Hons) graduates as it provides an excellent knowledge of business and management, which is essential for the smooth functioning of businesses and organizations. Through its extensive curriculum in the fields of commerce, banking, finance, marketing, management, etc., the course is able to pave the way for future researchers, faculty and professors.

M.Com colleges in India offer a unique curriculum that allows students to choose a combination of major and elective courses, thus ensuring that each graduate is given unique training in different fields. This makes them more useful for recruiters. While metal subjects will train them extensively in areas such as business, accounting and specialization-specific training. Aspirants will be allowed to choose a specialization with their M.Com degree, which will make them an expert in the field of commerce.


The eligibility criteria for following this course are as follows:

  • Students are required to obtain at least 50% of the total from BCom or BCom Honors or a recognized university.
  • Some universities also admit students who have passed Economics and Statistics, BFIA, BBS with at least 60% or equivalent total marks from a recognized university. And B.B.E. Has completed a bachelor’s degree in
  • Reserved category students are entitled to a discount of up to 5% in government universities.
  • There is no upper age limit for admission to the M.Com course.

M Com Admissions

Admission to M.Com is based on the qualification of Bachelor’s degree in Commerce – B.Com from a recognized university or college. It is also based on an entrance exam. The following is a summary of the admission process for M.Com.

Eligible candidates will have to submit their applications online along with scanned copies of the required documents on the college or university website. They have to pay the application fee online.

  • They can download the filled application form and send it to the concerned department of the university/college along with the required documents and receipt of payment of the application form.
  • Candidates will be listed in the aptitude test on the basis of merit – B.Com.
  • Some universities/colleges take entrance exams.
  • Candidates have to appear for the entrance examination conducted by the university or college.
  • Based on the results of the entrance test, candidates are called for consultation/interview.
  • Selected candidates have to report to the college/university/institution and complete the admission process, which includes verification of documents and payment of fees.

Why choose M Com?

Corporate Financial Accounting and Corporate Tax Planning have some of the requirements of the modern business sector in the form of financial industry audits. Accounts Assistant, Accountants, Business Analysts and Financial Analysts are some of the major areas of recruitment in terms of employment and some of the most lucrative M.Com. There are job opportunities.

In the era of startups and venture growth, positions such as market analysts, operating systems take on greater responsibility and are in demand and can be filled by M.Com course professionals. Internship opportunities at large companies like Infosys, Dell will add a lot of weight to the experience of M.Com course professionals in terms of experience.

Students can either pursue a career or pursue further studies in statistics, taxation, accounting and finance, banking, insurance, etc. Law school is nowadays a common place to be a post-graduate in Commerce.

Benefits of M Com

The Master of Commerce is a demanding course and is highly valued. With this course, my career will be better and brighter. The course serves as the basis for pursuing some more advanced studies such as M.Phil and PhD. In commerce. Students who choose M.Com can pursue their studies under various specialities like Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Statistics, Taxation, Human Resource Management and some other fields. Students taking this course can do research in the areas of industrial relations, geopolitical, socio-economic, national security issues and many more. The career of this course is related to the flow of money between accountants, investment bankers, money managers, financial advisors and so on.

In-depth knowledge – If a person gets a master’s degree, he/she gets a lot of in-depth knowledge about the field. The same applies to anyone who will study M.Com. If a student has a bachelor’s degree in commerce, an M.Com degree will give him a lot of knowledge about the fields he has already studied.

Broad Scope – After doing M.Com, there is a huge scope for a student’s career as well as job opportunities. He or she can easily get a job, especially in finance and accounting.

Further Studies – A candidate who wants to pursue a PhD in the future can do M.Com before him to gain in-depth knowledge of the field.

Who should do M Com?

  • Candidates who want to make a career in Commerce stream should do an M.Com course.
  • Candidates who want to pursue a career in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector should take the M.Com course.
  • Candidates who want to pursue various leadership positions in the industry should choose M.Com courses.
  • Working professionals who have a graduate certificate in commerce can take this course from a distance to improve their job prospects.
  • The MCom course is ideal for building a career as a financial manager.
  • Candidates who are not satisfied with their graduation degree especially from Steam can choose MCom specialization according to their interests.
  • Candidates who want to pursue a career as an auditor can take the M.Com course after completing their graduate program.
  • Those who want to start their own business can take the M.Com course.
  • Candidates wishing to become professors of commerce should pursue this degree as a step towards a PhD program.

Is M Com able to do this?

It is ideal for candidates to check the eligibility of the course before proceeding with any course. In the current era where MBA is preferred by almost all the candidates, the question remains: is MCam worthy of it? The answer is simple, yes. First of all, MCom is much cheaper than other professional degrees like MBA or PGDM courses. Although an MBA course can be seen as a multi-disciplinary course, the MCom course focuses only on a specific aspect of the field of business. But that doesn’t mean the MCom course doesn’t cover business management topics. The M.Com program covers topics such as organizational behaviour, organizational management, management principles, which allow candidates to compete with MBA graduates. Also, the duration of the M.Com course is similar to MBA and is much shorter than the CA course. Thus, to reaffirm, it is important to do M.Com.

M Com Specializations

The details about M Com specializations and its details are provided below:


  • Financial Institutions and Markets: Deals with interest rates, financial markets, banking, financial services and financial inclusion.
  • Security analysis and portfolio management deal with fixed income securities, equity analysis, portfolio analysis, management and analysis of financial derivatives.
  • Focuses on the International Financial System, the International Monetary System, Exchange Rate Setting and Forecasting, International Financial Markets, International Banking and the Financial Crisis.


Advertising and sales management: The field is concerned with the evaluation of the organization and advertising efforts. It also covers topics such as personal sales, sales planning and organization fundamentals.

International Marketing: Expertise deals with international product planning and pricing decisions, international distribution decisions, international growth strategies, emerging trends in international marketing.

Consumer Behavior: It deals with the decision-making process of consumers, personal differences among consumers, socio-cultural determinants of consumer behaviour.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics: This field deals with relationship management, logistics and supply chain management, challenges in logistics and supply chain.

Human Resource Development – M Com:

Human Resource Development: It relates to HRD in its activities and applications, trends and practices.

Management of Industrial Relations: This sector focuses on the formation and development of industrial relations, relations of industrial disputes and disputes, settlement of industrial disputes and disputes, trade unions, negotiations and collective bargaining and industrial democracy.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): This area deals with strategic human resource management in SHRM, and the implementation of trends and issues.

Compensation Management and Employee Welfare Law: This field covers a variety of work-related to employee management, including payments, wages, compensation and maternity benefits.


This is a study of accounting principles and other topics related to finance.

Taxation: This deals with taxation issues, tax literature, tax reviews and more.

Computer Application: This software is a program or a set of programs designed for end-users. Applications include a word processor, a spreadsheet, an accounting application, a web browser, etc.


Here we list the Top 5 M Com Colleges in Chandigarh with the best locations in Chandigarh with the best education.

The private, and public sector, offers jobs to people who have successfully completed the M.Com course. The public sector offers higher wages than the private sector. The salary offered varies from sector to sector depending on the skills, qualifications, experience and other special requirements of the recruiters. The offer of a breast pay package offered at a fresher or entry-level is different from Rs. 2 lakh to 5 lakh per annum. People with years of experience can get a salary package of Rs. 6 lakh per annum to 8 lakh per annum. Experienced detailed salary offer is given below. The pay scales below are for reference purposes only, please treat them as such and not as actual payroll figures. The actual pay scale depends on many factors such as interview, educational skills and the geographical location of the employer and the job.

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