Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali – In this new guide you will learn everything you need to know about starting and growing a YouTube channel from scratch. From the video production to SEO, this guide has everything you need to get started with YouTube marketing.

Here are the Best Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali

1st Out of the Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali

Thinknext Technologies Pvt Ltd

Thinknext Technologies Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Software, Electronics and CAD/CAM System Development Company (MNC) approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs specialized in Web Designing & Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, College/School ERP Works. Software, University Conference and Journal Management, Android/iPhone Mobile App Development, Cloud Telephony Services, Bulk SMS, Voice SMS, TechSmart Classes (Schools), Biometrics Time Attendance, Security Systems, PLC/SCADA Solutions, Embedded System based Electronics Kits and CAD / CAM Consultancy etc. We have expertise in latest technologies such as Smart Card (Contact type and Contactless), NFC, Biometrics, Barcode, RFID, SMS, Voice SMS Android, iPhone, Web, Windows and Mobile based technologies.

Contact Details of Thinknext Technologies Pvt Ltd

Address: S.C.F. 113, Sector-65, Mohali, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 78374-01000, 78374-02000


2nd Out of the Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali

CS Soft Solutions

Our team of dedicated, skilled and experienced designers will create a design that will be a perfect blend of graphics, typography, user experience and colors. Get the cutting edge you deserve in such a big way. Our inherent strength is human resource. We are a team of young professionals skilled in every aspect of client servicing. Brilliant engineers, designers with a great sense of aesthetic beauty and experts who aspire to succeed against all odds – that’s who we are; That’s what we believe. Don’t be fooled by traditional marketing methods. Let us bring the world to your doorstep with effective online marketing. Our comprehensive package of advertising, e-commerce, web, email and social media marketing will take your business to the heights it really is.

Contact Details of CS Soft Solutions

Address: E-300, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

Business Phone Number:  095011 07986

3rd Out of the Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali

Excellence Technology

Excellence Technology is one of the top reputed ISO 9001:2015 certified Software Development & Industrial Training Company in Chandigarh & Mohali. We develop mobile applications, games, antivirus and websites. We provide best Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Mohali. We work on Php, Java, Web Designing, Python, Machine Learning, Android, Networking and Software Testing. We work with our offshore clients from the USA, UK, France, Germany, Final, Mongolia, Sudan and Australia. Our students will get a chance to do their 6 months of 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh on the live projects of our offshore clients.

Contact Details of Excellence Technology

Address: C-133 ,First Floor, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

Business Phone Number: 093177 88822

4th Out of the Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali

Webtunix AL

Artificial intelligence companies tailor your enterprise’s needs from training data to working with unstructured text, images and video to machine learning.
AI in your business reduces operating costs, increases effectiveness, increases revenue and improves customer experience.

Webtunix provides top-of-the-line business intelligence solutions that include data analysis consulting, development and testing to eliminate guesswork and benefit from planned decision making. Complex and competing information is presented to planners and decision makers. We, a data science consulting firm, help you make smarter and wiser business decisions that will put your business ahead of the competition by taking the right decisions at the right time. In today’s world, organizations must make increasingly rapid decisions, and the business intelligence tools offered in Webtunix help decision makers access the information they need without first going through an IT department or specially designated data scientists. We do. We provide the best business solutions for all the projects we undertake. Webtunix’s BI tools improve the timeliness and standard of inputs given to the decision-making process. We optimize your business processes to make decisions automatically and deliver in real time in a cost optimized and efficient manner. We design a value based artificial intelligence software system for automated decision making for various businesses.

Contact Details of Webtunix AL

Address:  E-331, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

Business Phone Number:  079737 88405

5th Out of the Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali


Technaitra is your one-stop solution for IT Services and Web Design. We have been in the industry for a long time and are determined to meet the diverse specifications requirements of our clients. Our main objective is to understand their needs and fulfill them. We are committed to providing the best possible service.
Our company is dedicated to building websites related to all sectors such as advertising, communication, fashion, health, insurance, real estate and much more.

We provide services in various sectors like website design and development, mobile application design and development, web hosting, content writing, SEO, email marketing, and much more. Hence we are your one-stop solution for all digital related services. You can always contact us. Before starting your project, we make sure to understand your requirements so that you get the best work without any complaints.

Contact Details of Technaitra

Address: SCO 84/3, Industrial Area Phase 5, Shahi Majra, Industrial Area, Sector 58, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

Business Phone Number:  0172 505 5661

What is Youtube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is often overlooked by social media marketers. Some people think that YouTube counts as a social media network. Others see it as an online video platform.

Either way, there are countless marketing opportunities on YouTube especially if your audience is on the platform and your competitors are not. YouTube counts two billion logged-in monthly users worldwide, and the largest number of users in the U.S. Ranks as the most widely used online platform among adults.

So in that sense, whether YouTube meets the criteria for the social network is irrelevant. It is more popular than all of them. But with every hours of video uploaded every minute, doing effective YouTube marketing is easier said than done.

Benefits of Youtube Marketing

As a small business, you must constantly think of ways to get your products and services to as many people as possible without breaking the bank.

If used regularly as part of your marketing strategy, using YouTube for your business can be an affordable way to grow it.

Tap Into The Horde of YouTube’s Traffic

If you use YouTube for your business, you can easily reach your audience by creating videos and advertising on other people’s videos.

Video-streaming platforms like YouTube have grown so much that you are guaranteed to find a group of people who will become your ardent fans and subscribers, as long as you educate, entertain, and provide them with solutions to their problems.

Marketing On YouTube Will Help You Get Found On Google

Thanks to Google Universal Search, videos, images, news, books, and local searches are merged together in Google’s search results to provide the most useful information for people searching.

You may have noticed that videos are showing up more often in Google’s search results. This suggests that Google treats videos as important as text-only pages.

You can take advantage of this by writing high-quality articles on your site and creating complementary videos in YouTube. Doing so will create backlinks to your site, which means you get found more often by people searching Google.

By using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy for your business, you are also increasing the authority of your website. The more authoritative your website is in the eyes of Google, the higher all your pages will be in search results.

Your Content Never Dies

Using YouTube for business can help you reuse content you have already created without spending a lot of time or needing to invest in expensive equipment.

Re-purposing content you have already created is an effective form of content marketing, because you can reach an audience who will love that particular type of content.

Grow Your Audience Worldwide

This is one of the biggest benefits of using YouTube for business.

Consistently creating video content opens the door for new visitors who would never come to your business any other way. Through YouTube, you can reach audiences around the world, even if you only speak one language.

Build Your Email List in YouTube

Another benefit of using YouTube for business is the ability to build your email list as you continue to provide valuable, engaging content.

Use software that allows you to embed your sign-up form directly into a YouTube video. A video can be paused temporarily so viewers can enter their email address and subscribe to your list before they continue.

Using this approach makes it easier than ever to build your email list, while simultaneously providing engaging video content that your audience will love.

Your Audience Will Promote You and Buy from You

Videos with a personal touch help increase conversions. People buy from people they trust, and that trust is related to you on an emotional level.

Research now shows that, for professional services and general companies, if you’re driving traffic to a landing page with a video of someone from the company speaking about the product or service, it can dramatically increase your list of leads and sales. can increase substantially.

Target Your Audience with AdWords for Video

With Google AdWords for Video, you can get laser-focused reach to your audience by advertising on videos that are more likely to be seen and discovered by your audience.

The biggest advantage of AdWords for video is that you will only pay for views that engage.

An engagement view is when a viewer watches your ad for at least 30 seconds. In other words, if your video ad is skipped, you would not pay anything.

Importance of Youtube Marketing

Wide Audience Reach

Millions of users are logged into YouTube every day, making its audience overwhelming. With this in mind, giving your company a good exposure to an internet platform like YouTube will not only give you a local audience, therefore, your business will also get a worldwide audience. This will not only help promote your company, but also reach out to potential customers, future employees and potential customers which will ultimately help your business grow.

Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

To reach a wider audience of users and visitors on YouTube, you must take advantage of the website’s search engine optimization capabilities. Inserting the right keywords and tags will not only help your video get viewed by your target audience, but can also help generate some organic internet traffic for your company’s website.


While some methods of advertising and marketing can cost your company a considerable amount of money, creating videos on YouTube is far more efficient and budget-friendly. Investing in video making equipment is more cost effective than investing in advertising platforms such as billboards, print ads and commercials. Putting your money and time into creating videos will be really rewarding in the end, as you get the chance to reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost.

Reaching Out to Your Customers

In addition to being able to post and view videos, YouTube users and visitors have the ability to post comments on videos, which channel accounts can respond to at short notice. This comes in handy when people ask about the company when they see one of your videos posted online. They can also have a hand in promoting your company by sharing your company videos through various social media sites.

Going Viral

In some cases, certain videos on YouTube generate enough views to turn into a viral video. Creating a complex, attention-grabbing and timely video for your company will ultimately get your company the best exposure not only on YouTube, but across the web.


Here are the Best Top 5 Youtube Marketing Training Institutes in Mohali. YouTube is used as an effective digital marketing platform as it has a great impact on web users and web visitors. For this reason, many video production companies use Internet video sites such as YouTube as a platform to promote various businesses and companies.