This post contains the list of the Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021. If you are looking for the best trading apps to use, then you are in the right place.

Are you looking for the best trading app in India to trade directly from your smartphone? There are many trading apps to choose from these days but choosing the right trading app depends on many factors.

Reading this post will help you pick the best trading app. In this post, we have shared the Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021.

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What is a trading app?

Trading App is a mobile application that facilitates trading in the stock market. In addition, it provides you with market news, research reports, the price of various stocks, etc. so that you can make an informed decision while trading in the stock market. Additionally, trading apps usually allow you to invest in IPOs, mutual funds, commodities, gold, etc.

In general, it is quite clear: applications and websites are designed to make the life of a modern person easier than what he is currently doing. And smart entrepreneurs, instead of resisting such a trend, decided to use its benefits to increase their business efficiency. Among other things, brokerage companies are beginning to think about how to create an automated trading system. And most of them succeeded.

They were right in their desire to develop a trading platform as it allows to keep things under control throughout. Traders and investors can do all kinds of transactions in the stock market whenever they want. Of course, these new great opportunities have increased people’s interest in the stock market sector… which has become an added advantage.

Trading apps offer real-time processing of your trades and help you monitor the performance of your stocks. You can buy and sell shares anytime, anywhere with a reliable app.

Before jumping into the list of best trading apps in India to earn money, let’s take a look at the factors that you should consider while choosing the best trading apps in India for beginners in 2021.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

1st out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha emerged as one of the forerunners amidst fierce competition with its flagship app KITE in the rush of trading app launches. To get the app, you just need to go to the play store and install the app on your mobile. Open the account by entering your email id.

The opening screen list shows the shares suggested by the app. You can remove or add stock as per your choice in the list. To buy a share, you need to have a balance in your Demat account which can be accessed within the app. Click on Add Funds and you will see that funds have been added to your Demat account.

Zerodha Kite is appreciated for its simplicity. It’s uncluttered and easy to navigate and understand.

Zerodha understands that to stay ahead and lead the competition, mobile technology, and a compatible simplified app is the key.

Its minimalistic interface strictly restricts what the user is looking for. It doesn’t clutter the screen with something that users never use or rarely use.

This keeps the user focused on what he is aiming for, “business” without any distractions.

The app is slim and not resource-hungry. Remember that data is expensive, so cost is a big advantage.

Zerodha comes with the unique advantage of brokerage free investment charges, provided you do not buy or sell the stock on the same day.

One disadvantage that can lead to a major loss if not resolved on a combat level is chart loading lag. This annoys a user.

So let’s check out the features of Zerodha Kite to qualify for the category of best stock trading apps for beginners in India:

Benefits of Zerodha Kite App

  • A universal search tool that enables users to search simple and complex stocks
  • Ability to apply over 100 technical indicators on real-time charts
  • The Trade with Charts feature of the app enables the user to trade directly from the charts
  • You can set unlimited price alerts for instant updates
  • You can create an unlimited number of personalized watchlists
  • Historical data for the last 10 years

Pros of Zerodha Kite

  • It is very light in terms of resources so the trading experience is the best
  • Also, it consumes less internet bandwidth hence can work at low internet speed. A huge plus for users from smaller cities.
  • There is no membership fee as charged by some other brokers. It’s completely free.
  • It has integration with other modules of Zerodha like Varsity, ZConnect and Quant etc.
  • KITE is offered in several Indian languages ​​for non-English speakers to appreciate the easy business.
  • A Chrome extension has also been made available for KITE.
  • Funds can be transferred and many banks are integrated with the application itself.
  • The best part is that it is also available in the mobile version and you can trade on the go.

2nd out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

5paisa App

5Paisa is one of India’s top 10 best trading apps, which provides investors and traders to use it as a discount broker for multiple trading. With its Auto Investor and Technical Analysis features, 5Paisa Mobile App helps traders make an informed decision.

5Paisa provides low-cost brokerage services with state-of-the-art technology. The interface of this app is simple but charts and data take an average time to load. It offers high security and stands as one of the most reliable trading apps.

The 5Paisa mobile app has proven to be a popular trading platform that enables you to trade using just your smartphone. It offers the best performing mobile application when it comes to performance, order execution speed, and user experience.

With this mobile app, you can trade across multiple segments and invest in mutual funds as well as insurance. One of a kind very complete in features offered.

The best part is that even though 5Paisa is a discount broker, it provides quick technical tips and fundamental calls for its users within the mobile app. The app comes with a guest login, thus, giving potential users an insight into the features it offers.

Some of the features of the trading app are:

  • The Auto Investor feature provides users with information on what kind of entities should trade/invest with the time frame.
  • Heatmaps, Technical Indicators, Charting feature allows users to perform quick technical analysis.
  • The app is known to have high security and thus, is one of the trusted applications in the industry.
  • There are many communication channels on offer when it comes to customer service.

Pros of 5paisa App

  • Minimum DP Charges
  • Free mutual fund account
  • Multilingual trading app
  • Free trading platform including mobile app, website and desktop trading terminal. No software fee.
  • Provide stock investment ideas and research tools
  • Algo Trading & Robo Advisory Services
  • Provides customers with free technical, derivative and fundamental research and advice for an additional cost.
  • Technical call both over email and mobile

3rd out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

Upstox Pro App

In our opinion, Upstox is the best trading app in India for beginners to start in 2021. Upstox started in 2011 and has had a great journey so far with a huge contribution to the industry. The company encourages large-scale traders by allowing them to trade higher volumes and enjoy more leverage. In 2016, the company launched Upstox Pro with a major focus on offering a sound mobile trading platform.

The platform allows you to trade in shares, equity derivatives, and currency F&O. Moreover, Upstox Pro comes with TFC facility. TFC stands for Chart To Trade which means you can trade directly from the chart. The app is very advanced as it supports multiple charts, multiple time frames, over 100 technical indicators, and drawing tools. You can use them in real-time to get more accurate results from each trade for you.

If we analyze the interface of the app, it is surely clean and automatic. Other features include a custom watchlist, unlimited price alerts, and Night Mode. The platform charges Rs 20 per trade on intraday and futures and options trades. However, it does not charge any brokerage on delivery.

The account opening process with Upstox is very smooth, and you can open an account online using the app. Furthermore, Upstox allows you to trade at zero brokerage for 30 days before the day of account opening.

Pros of Upstox Pro App

  • Clean interface and great usability
  • Allows trading directly from the chart
  • Unlimited price alerts and customized watchlists
  • Advanced chat with multiple intervals
  • More than 100 technical indicators
  • Suggest historical data for the last ten years

4th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

Angel Broking App

Angel Broking App is one of the best share trading apps in India which allows you to do stock trading with ease. The app has features like 40+ technical indicators, Smartbuzz, Sensibull to keep traders updated about the latest market news and trade accordingly.

Angel Broking App has established itself as a trusted web trading platform, trading terminal, Robo advisory platform, and mutual fund web application.

The app has some best-in-class creativity and an outwardly stunning user interface that makes it easy to use. Angel Broking App offers robust features for serious investors and traders.

Benefits of Angel Broking offers to include:

  • You can view multiple indexes with real-time prices
  • Get Streaming Market Watch
  • Receive live updates on top gainers and losers
  • Get intraday chart news
  • Enable user to create personalized device watchlist
  • This allows you to make 10 transactions to the ledger,
  • DP and fund reports using a single feature directly from within the app
  • You can transfer funds and securities from one place
  • Time for damages which includes:
  • User interface is a bit dull, flashy, and not interesting
  • As operator heavy, the app tried to load it with as many features as possible resulting in a size of over 22 huge MB
  • Chart and price update is lagging

Pros of Angel Broking App

  • One of the most trusted brands in India
  • Advanced trading platform
  • New investment vehicle based on Artificial Intelligence (ARQ)
  • Large network of sub-brokers and franchisees
  • Good team of research analysts providing research reports and suggestions

5th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

HDFC Securities App

HDFC Securities App, which is one of the best trading apps in India, gives biometric and face recognition login. Hence, it is one of the safest trading apps. This app will provide live market data, interactive demo, daily research calls which will give you the basis for your investment decisions.
HDFC Securities App is easy to access and use. With the help of the app, you can take advantage of any trading opportunity that comes your way. You can trade both equities and derivatives with the help of the HDFC Securities Mobile App.

If you have this app installed, you can get stock updates instantly. It is important to keep up with stock market news as it can affect your profitability. With access to complete portfolio tracking and quick application in IPOs, HDFC Securities App provides ease of use to traders.

Key features

1. You can trade in Equities and Derivatives

2. You will get instant details of shares in one click.

3. You can easily track and trade with various watchlists.

4. Real-time charting for intraday.

5. Just tap and find the next investment opportunity.

Pros of HDFC Securities App

  • This app lets you trade as well as send you notifications about any activity in the market that you want to know about.
  • It provides multiple navigational and operational tools to help you manage your assets in an easy way.
  • You can multitasking while managing multiple accounts at the same time.
  • With the mobile trading app, you can trade from anywhere, as there is no time or geography constraint to trade. All you need is a proper internet connection and you can easily use our app from anywhere
  • You need to receive real-time alerts from our app to be aware of the performance of your stocks.
  • Enjoy safe and secure trading with our app as we do not compromise on these points. Your account and transaction details will be completely secure as we keep them secure with a very effective encrypted firewall. So you can be at ease and free from all frauds.

6th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

IIFL Markets

IIFL Markets was one of the mobile trading apps that got the most positive responses from users in our research. This mobile app was launched by financial services giant IIFL. This app is considered one of the best intraday trading apps.

Its unique features like ‘One Swipe Trading’ consider the timing aspect related to trading and allows clients to place orders with just one swipe.

Some of the other features are:

  • Customers can apply for IPO or OFS through their smartphones.
  • Comes with a guest login that allows non-customers to browse through some of the basic features to understand how the mobile app works
  • The stock watch feature allows the user to keep the selected stock of the user right in front of the home screen.

Also, it is suggested to make a sound strategy on how to buy stocks and then start trading in the stock market.

Another unique feature of this mobile trading app is that it allows multiple stock watchlists each of which allows the user to adjust up to 50 stock market scripts at a time.

Pros of IIFL Markets

  • Easy access to live prices across Equity, Commodity and Currency segments with detailed exposure on various indices
  • Option to trade and invest in various indices including BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX etc.
  • Opportunity to invest in IPO, OFS without much hassle
  • Enjoy complete control over your Order Book, Net Positions, Profit & Loss, Trade Book with easy management of your trading account
  • Optimized watchlist across exchanges with multiple columns, customization options and resistance levels
  • Price alert notifications for your favourite stocks in IIFL Markets App
  • Advanced Widget to view stocks on the home screen
  • Lifetime Free Guest User Login in IIFL Mobile App
  • MPIN based login for customers, easy and secure access using just 4-digit MPIN
  • Access live, in-depth coverage and analysis of companies, financial markets and the economy
  • Single-point notification centre for prices, news and IIFL views
  • Great app performance even in low bandwidth
  • You will get timely updates of the IIFL Markets App

7th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

Kotak Stock Trader

Kotak Stock Trader App was designed with a vision to make the stock market your all-time companion. This means that the curators of Kotak Securities Mobile App were clear that you can access the market anytime and from anywhere.

After rigorous brainstorming, the makers are on stage with the newly sorted version of the Kotak Securities App, which is designed to work flawlessly on iPad, Apple iOS, Tablets, Google Android, Android tablets, etc.

In fact, Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App is truly a user-friendly trader’s app as it allows the trader to continue trading in domains such as Equity, Currency Derivatives, and Derivatives.

Apart from easing your trading experience, Kotak Securities Trading App leverages the trader along with a few other features like allowing you to track the portfolio. Also, get real updates from the market through live streaming.

Some other unique features of the Kotak Stock Trader mobile app are:

  • Live is integrated within the Bloomberg TV app that users can watch 24 X 7. can see
  • A unique feature for investors ‘MyInvestments’ helps users to view all the investments made on Kotak’s other trading platforms i.e. KEAT Pro X, KST, or the website within a single UI.
  • Features like Live Market Updates, Market Watchlist, etc can be accessed without Upstox login details from the users.

Pros of Kotak Stock Trader

  • To trade on a huge range of Indian stocks
  • Safe and secure trading application
  • Solid User Interface – Easy to use
  • good platform for beginners
  • Access to BSE and NSE
  • Offers a wide range of research and analysis tools
  • Available on Android and iOS

8th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

Edelweiss App

Edelweiss was started in 2008 and the brokerage firm is well known for its investment advisory services. Over the years, it has helped many investors to capitalize on excellent market opportunities.

With over 12,00,000 clients, Edelweiss allows you to trade in Equities, Derivatives, Currencies, Mutual Funds, Gold ETFs, and IPOs. Moving on to the Edelweiss trading app, users have the facility of single-touch login using fingerprint.

In addition, you can access real-time streaming stock prices and tick-by-tick charts. Moreover, the preset customized watchlist is another convenient and advanced feature that helps you identify excellent trading opportunities through Sensex Tracker.

You can also spend in mutual funds through this app. However, the technical indicators are just 17, and the app size is comparatively large (153.2 MB) compared to other trading apps.

One of the safest mobile trading apps in India, the Edelweiss Mobile Trading App comes with some features that make it easy for its clients to trade across different sectors.

Wondering what these features are, let’s take a look:

  • The app features advanced trading apps and indicators that make it easy for day traders to conduct technical analysis.
  • It has Market Watch features, which make it extremely easy for traders to create customizable watchlists.
  • Provides live market news and updates.

Pros of Edelweiss App

  • Wide number of Features
  • Well Designed Trading App
  • Regular Updates

9th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

MO Investor App

Motilal Oswal was started in 1987 and is a very trusted name in the industry. The company has over 1,600,000 customers and is known for its excellent research and analysis.

The MO Investor app is highly advanced, backed by ACE features (advice on equity combinations), and based on investment strategy. Moreover, the app comes with good charting options with multiple time frames ranging from 1 minute to 5 years.

However, when it comes to technical indicators, the platform has only 9 technical indicators. The interface is very easy to use, and you can invest in gold and mutual funds very easily using this app.

The best part is the bulk order placement feature which makes things very easy and quick. However, sometimes price updates and chart loading become quite slow.

Pros –

  • Integrated Algo Investment Strategy
  • Allows users to place bulk orders
  • Market Screeners to help users find trending stocks

10th out of Top 10 Best Trading App in India 2021

Sharekhan App

Sharekhan has become the fourth-largest brokerage company in India. It is backed by the power of the BNP Paribas Group. Hence, the Sharekhan trading app is not behind even in the race of best trading app in India. It offers a diverse range of other trading items including stock market securities, loans against shares, and ESOP financing.

Sharekhan App helps traders and investors to keep track of their portfolio, trading stocks, and mutual funds. It also involves trading tutorials and blogs for new traders. This app is compatible with all devices as well as with different screen sizes and orientations.

Advanced search, technical indicators, mutual fund monitoring, resources and studies, commodities, and Sharekhan are among the classroom features for learning about stock trading.

Key features

1. With Sharekhan, open a Demat account in 15 minutes and experience full-service benefits.

2. Trade smartly with advanced live charts (Candlestick, Line, Area, Renko).

3. You can place a variety of orders.

4. A brand new dashboard to see what’s happening in the market all the time.

5. You can create a watchlist of your favorite stocks.

6. Tick the Stock Rate, Multiple Price, and Refresh graph by ticking it.

Pros of Sharekhan App

  • Strong research
  • Reliable customer service
  • Great mobile trading platform

Types of Trading Platforms in India

In India, online trading can be done through basically 3 interfaces in the stock market. Every major stockbroker develops platforms for these three types of interfaces.

Desktop: This is the fastest trading platform as compared to the other two. You need to install the software on your desktop/laptop before use. The software can usually be downloaded from the broker’s website. This platform is best befitted for those who want to place quick buy/sell orders. It will have shortcut keys (like F1 to buy, F2 to sell, etc.) using which a day trader can start trading faster.

Web: You don’t need to install any software here. The login page can be accessed using the web URL provided by your stockbroker. You can also access it and trade in cyber cafes with any web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Only thing is, it is comparatively slow as compared to desktop-based platforms.

Mobile App: Nowadays it is difficult to imagine online trading without using mobile. In India, the Android app is provided by almost all reputed stock brokers. The iOS version is only supported by some brokers. Anyone can install the app from the play store and log in using the credentials and carry out trading.

Benefits of Trading through an Online App

Mobile applications have become compatible with support and convenience. Ever since they entered the world of personal finance, people from different walks of life are increasingly turning into investors. Gone are the days when trading in stocks, bonds, and securities was the prerogative of those who had the means to engage a stockbroker and be aware of the benefits of accumulating wealth.

As more and more smartphones are entering the pockets of more and more people, and the reach of the Internet spreads far and wide, everyone has become a potential trader. In fact, as stock trading goes digital, it has also been made more accessible and easy. Here is a look at seven benefits of trading through an online trading app:


As compared to a stockbroker, trading through the app can save you more money. The consultation fee or commission due to the stockbroker in the traditional style of trading is much higher than the fees charged by Robo advisors.


Opening an online trading account with the Trading Mobile Application is an extremely easy and hassle-free process. With just a mobile internet connection, you can create an account and keep track of your investments at your convenience. Online trading apps also help in saving time and help you carry out your trading activities on the go.

Always keep an eye on it

Most online trading apps are designed to showcase all your investments and their performance in a single interface. In addition, you can buy and sell your shares, as well as evaluate your profit or loss, at any time at your convenience.

No middlemen

Apart from low broker fees, interaction with brokers is also limited with a trading app. Investors can choose from various portfolio suggestions made in the app based on careful research done by the brokerages offering the app.

Fast Transactions

Not only placing orders to buy and sell shares on the trading app, payment and collection for such transactions are also quick. These apps offer various modes of online payment that facilitate the instant transfer of funds between accounts.

More Control

With the ability to trade literally at your fingertips, you can buy or sell without depending on your broker’s availability. Investors can trade instantly, review all of their options and monitor their investments on their own, without any broker telling them what their best recourse is. Since investors can make decisions without outside interference, they gain more control over their investments.

Better Understanding

With a more practical approach to your investments, this is an app to learn the stock market. Online trading apps require that you make important decisions on your own without the constant guidance of a broker, acquaint you with the nuts and bolts of your money and the world of investing. For budding investors, this can prove to be a useful trajectory of self-education.

Stock Market Apps: Key Features


The authorization process should be as simple as possible and, most importantly, secure (when it comes to financing, the issue of data protection is especially relevant). Ideally, you will need to provide several registration options (for example, via social networks, phone numbers, email). Modern applications must also support the Touch ID system (E-Trade supports it, and you are interested in developing a trading platform like that, right?).

A user page is required to manage personal data. The information included herein must be updatable and editable.

Trade stocks or mutual funds with the possibility to view and edit the data you need. This feature is important – pay the most attention to it when building your custom trading software.

Payments and Transactions

This feature is useful for executing orders and includes the possibility of monitoring and managing the flow of funds.


You might be surprised, but it is an important part of stock market app development. The thing is that the stock market is very sensitive to any event (both local and global). Let’s say, if a popular restaurant brand is caught doing wrong, its shares are likely to drop, and it’s worth buying them while they’re still cheap. In fact, news should be gathered from a variety of sources including financial analysis reports, expert opinions, etc. The feature notifies users in real-time about news from the trading industry, exchange rates, and more, allowing participants to keep the market on alert.

List of an updatable portfolio of the stock market

A user should have the ability to track them (and filter the output) in real-time, as well as monitor their status.


This facility provides an easy way to check deposit status – without any effort and at any time. If you are interested in understanding how to create a trading system with a fair chance of being in high demand, don’t forget to implement it.

Quote Monitoring

Users should be able to view all quote updates in real-time mode.


Make life easier for users by allowing them to look up the information they need through a convenient search engine.


Stock market participants will appreciate the opportunity to observe statistics and analyze the results of transactions, trades, etc. A good decision is to offer them a variety of performance charts and reports.

The sorting and filtering system will also not be superfluous. They will help users to better navigate your stock market web or mobile application and output data in a user-friendly format.

Push notification

And, of course, do not forget about the notification system. This is the best way to stay in touch with the user.

How To Build a Trading Platform

The process of stock market application development is a complex process, but we suggest you take a look at 5 things to make it as simple as possible.

1. Mobile site vs mobile app

If you want to limit yourself to creating mobile applications, then you do not need this item and you can safely move on to the next one. However, to understand how to build a stock market website, you must decide how it will interact with users’ smartphones. There are 2 options, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mobile site. The mobile version of the site is adapted to each screen of the mobile phone. Its important advantage is that there is no need to create a new resource for different platforms as it works equally well on all mobile devices.

Full-blown mobile application. The application has a lot of useful features, which cannot be fully implemented when creating a mobile site. Plus, the app engages customers more effectively in the negotiation process.

Of course, an application is a much more modern solution, and we recommend you opt for that instead of a mobile site.

2. Choose the best platform

Now you have to decide on which platform your application will run. E-Trade is compatible with all operating systems, and we think you should follow this lead and think about how to build a stock market app in both Android and iOS (in both).

Of course, if you need to save money, start small: do the research to understand what devices your customers use the most and build apps compatible with the most popular platforms.

3. Development process

Now that the initial issues have been sorted out, it’s time to hunt down a question of stock trading software development. There are 3 major stages:

Mobile development. You will need the services of iOS and Android developers. iOS experts should be familiar with programming languages ​​such as Swift or Objective C, and Android experts should know Kotlin or Java. Of course, there are other options, we just gave possible examples.

Backend development. To produce a trading platform, you also need to choose a backend developer – a specialist who deals with server technologies: a database, architecture, software logic. To ensure that the server and database are working correctly, the developer uses server programming languages ​​and frameworks: Ruby, NodeJS, Python, Java, .NET, as well as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MSSQL relative Also distributed databases like database or single store. (eg MemSQL) and DolphinDB for storing linear and transactional data. It allows the creation of sign-ins, transactions, alerts, and other types of features.

Front-end development. Front-end development means the design and creation of web interfaces, and you will need it only when you decide to build a stock market web application. It form a “client” part of the site and deal with everything the user interacts with. This developer needs to have a strong understanding and experience in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as good skills-building complex systems using Angular or React (including Bootstrap, jQuery, etc., of course). And, of course, he needs to master the Ajax technology that allows the server to be accessed without reloading the page.

How to Choose the Best Trading App in India?

You can download the app of your choice from the Play Store or iOS Store. You can check the features of the mobile trading app as a guest or after registration. Watch application videos, read related content. Understand the features thoroughly and see if it fits the bill based on your trading requirement, check compatibility with your system, read user reviews and decide which app you want to go for your online trading Huh.

1. Compatibility

To trade on your smartphone, you first need to know which OS is running on your phone. For example, a smartphone may have an operating system such as Windows or Android or iOS, The iPhone and iPad are based on iOS.

After you have discovered this, the best thing you can do is make sure all trading apps are compatible with your device platform. Most of the apps are available on both Android and iOS. Furthermore, an app may not support older versions of the device platform, and in that case, you will need to update your OS to the latest version.

2. Good User Experience

User experience plays a big role in trading apps, and you need to check whether the app offers a good user experience with an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface. In addition, you need to check how easily and quickly you can place and execute orders. Most essentailly, the app should be less cluttered.

3. Indicators and other technical analysis tools

Trading requires a lot of analysis for accuracy, and luckily, there are many advanced tools you can use these days to determine your entry and exit points. For example, the Pivot Points indicator is an excellent tool to help you understand support and resistance.

Similarly, there are many other important indicators like MACD, RSI, etc. You need to check whether the trading app you are about to choose allows you to use these indicators. In addition, you can check if the app allows you to use candlestick charts and multiple time frames.

4. High number of downloads

Another important factor to consider when choosing a trading app is the number of downloads, and like any app, the higher the downloads, the more reliable the app is. So of course the huge number of downloads means that the app is very popular.

5. Good Ratings and Reviews

With so many trading apps, it is very normal for someone to be a little confused. However, trading apps have ratings and reviews, which can give you important pointers. You can check reviews and ratings of various trading apps on the Play Store and choose the one with the best reviews and ratings.

In some cases, even if an app has a certain feature that many people dislike, you can still choose it as long as you don’t need that feature. However, you will also need to be smart enough to ignore fake reviews. Fake reviews are usually very short and contain only words of praise.

Which Trading App in India is the Best For You?

Zerodha is undoubtedly the best trading app in India with the most advanced features, easy-to-use interface and low brokerage charges.

A trading app has many advantages and gives you a lot of freedom. Also, finding the right trading app is important. I am pretty sure that after reading this post, you will be able to easily find the best trading app for your trading. I suggest you go through the features carefully before choosing one.


Mobile apps are growing faster than ever these days. Every operator is now aware that most of its customers are on mobile on the go.

There is no time to use a desktop or laptop, as investment decisions have to be made faster.

Here, time is money, and missed opportunities will result in big losses. So, no wonder, realizing the above, most of the tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy operators are leaning towards providing best-in-class apps to their investors and users.

They know that investors are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. So the time is not far when you get to experience the world-class lean and crunchy apps that are just around the corner. Lean and crisp apps which is just around the corner.