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Indira Gandhi Biography, Wiki

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Indira Gandhi Biography

Useful Information

Born – 19 November 1917 Allahabad, United Provinces, British India
Died – 31 October 1984 (Aged 66) New Delhi, India
Cause of death – Retaliation for operation (By her bodyguards)
Nationality – Indian
Alma mater – Somerville College, Oxford
Religion – Hinduism
Spouse – Feroze Gandhi
Children – Rajiv, Sanjay
Parents – Kamla Nehru (Mother), Jawaharlal Nehru(Father)

Indira Gandhi Wiki

If you will read biographies of various political leaders then you will find that Biography of Indira Gandhi is very inspiring and it provides motivation to people. The date of birth of Indira Gandhi is 19 November, year 1917 and died on 31st October of 1984. She was greatest leader in the field of politics.

She was first woman who became Prime Minister. She is regarded as most contentious ‘political leader’ of India for her exceptional judgment of commanding “an emergency state“. Indira Gandhi biography tells her whole life journey as she was disparaged for hauling out Blue Star Operation in Punjab, which ultimately scripted her elimination on October 31 of the year 1984. She was born in the Nehru family. Her father was “Jawaharlal Nehru” and mother was “Kamla Nehru”. Her father was member of Independence Movement of India and well-educated and well-known lawyer.

All the members of Nehru family were involved in politics and it is the main reason that Nehru family was popular as the center of political activities. Biography Indira Gandhi is very interesting and it includes information that she approved her high school from ‘Pune University’ and after that; she went to the Shantiniketan of West Bengal. Later she went to Switzerland and London for study at Oxford University. She stayed sometimes in ‘Switzerland’ with her mother. In the year 1936, after surrendered to tuberculosis from the side of Kamala Nehru, she came back to India.According to the Indira Gandhi biography, in the year 1958, Indira Gandhi got the designation of President of ‘National Congress’ party of India. She also played very important role of advisor of “Jawaharlal Nehru”. From Biography Indira Gandhi, you will get information that Jawaharlal Nehru was died on 27 May, 1964 and after his death, she became in-charge of Broadcasting and information ministry under the Prime MinisterLal- Bahadur Shastri’.

After Lal- Bahadur Shastri’s death, she was selected as Prime Minister and she fulfill all her duties and responsibilities with loyalty and honesty. Biography of Indira Gandhi provides the information that in the year 1975, social activists and Opposition parties staged regular manifestations against Indira Gandhi’s Central government for increasing inflation, unchecked corruption and poor economical state. In the existing year, Allahabad ‘High Court’ ruling, which Indira Gandhi used to prevent illegal practices at the time of last election, helped to add fuel to presented political fire. The judgment ordered her for resigning from her seat, instantaneously. The protest and antagonism of people exaggerated.

Realizing all the consequences, in the year 1975 and in the month of June 26, Indira Gandhi confirmed “an emergency because of turbulent political circumstances in country India”.

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