Jazz up home with these Diwali Decoration ideas

Diwali is a time when everyone goes into a cleaning and decorating frenzy. Families and friends get together, and sometimes there is healthy competition among the neighbors to see whose home is brighter and more beautiful.

Here are a few Diwali decoration ideas for you:

Jazz up home with these Diwali Decoration ideas

Jazz up home with these Diwali Decoration ideas


Let us start with the most visible symbol of Diwali, the diyas. There are several types of diyas available in the market today. Some are of clay but you also get ceramic ones which have elaborate designs, or are tall and multi- tiered. Colourful diyas will definitely lend a traditional look to your home. You can also decorate the diyas yourself. On plain brown clay diyas, you can paint designs with vibrant colours and leave it to dry.

Acrylic paints, which are available in most stationery shops, should do the trick.

Diya : You can also shape diyas out of dough and paint them. Though these will not last very long, you will satisfy your creative side. You can additionally stick stars and glitter powder to have a more glam look.
Rangoli: These are beautiful geometric designs made on the floor with different coloured powders. Make it a family activity and rope in kids, adults, grandparents…everyone. These are usually made just outside the main door. If you’re living in an apartment, you may need to keep it small but if you have a big house then your design is only limited by the combined talent and imagination of your family! First draw the design with a chalk. Use a scale for straight lines, and tie the chalk on a string for circles and curves. Then draw the outlines with white powder. Decide on the colours before you actually start filling them.
Kandeel: Hanging a colourful lantern outside the house or in the balcony is a Diwali tradition followed in many parts of India. Many types of kandeels areavailable in the market, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can try your hand at making one. You will need strong card paper, wooden/bamboo slivers/sticks (for making frame). Coloured string, glass paper, scissors, paint, glue and imagination. The easiest to make are the rectangular shaped ones.you will need to use the string to be able to hang the lantern.
Dinner Table: Use the colourful diyas and/or scented candles either on the table during mealtimes, or on side tables in the dining room. It will give a festive look to the house. You can also float small candles in tall glasses filled with water.
Living Room: fill a large clay or metal tub/bowl with water and arrange floating candles and flowers in it. you can change the flowers daily, with a different colour daily.
Seashells: Use these to cover your regular lights and do something ‘hatke’ this Diwali. Your guest will love it!

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