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Jessica Simpson Biography, Wiki

Jessica Simpson Biography

Jessica Simpson was born as Jessica Ann Simpson on 10th July 1980 in Texas, United States. Jessica is a singer, songwriter, actress and a fashion designer. She has been actively working in the showbiz area in 1993. During her tenure until now, she has achieved many milestones, which include many television shows, movies, commercials. Jessica Simpson biography suggests that she also launched her own line of beauty products, fragrances, shoes and handbags for women. She is also involved in many social activities such as her efforts for “Operation Smile”.

Jessica Simpson achievements and Jessica Simpson records include that her singing career was at peak at one time, when her albums were ranked seven among Billboard Top 40 hits. Jessica Simpson biography covers all information on her albums were certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and four of her albums reached top 10 status on the US Billboard 200, which is quite an achievement. Jessica Simpson profile has all details about her albums sold a record 20 million worldwide. Jessica also featured in the MTV reality show “Newlyweds” with her then-husband Nick Lachey.

Early life:

Jessica Simpson biography has information of her early life. Jessica Simpson was born in Texas, United States to mother Tina Ann, an English American who was a homemaker and father Joseph Truett Simpson who was a Scottish American minister and psychologist. Her younger sister Ashlee is also an established singer.

Jessica Simpson profile is very interesting and covers all details about how she could achieve so much during a very short span of time. Jessica Simpson, with the help of her father, who was the church’s congregation youth minister, tried her talent as a singer at the church.

Jessica Simpson biography and Jessica Simpson profile has details that she sang on many occasions while she was a teenager in school and was liked. She also attended a camp where one camp visitor recognized her voice and believed that her voice could earn him a lot of profits. Jessica Simpson achievements and Jessica Simpson records holds that she was also signed by Gospel music for her amazing soulful voice. This was the time when she was signed by the Proclaim Records which was a subsidiary to the Gospel music. However, her album never got out as the record company was bankrupt, but she gained some fame out of the news of her grandmother claiming the loss.

Jessica Simpson achievements and Jessica Simpson records includes also seen on several commercials, which include Pizza Hut and Ice Breakers along with her sister Ashlee. She also acted for the commercials for “Proactiv Solution” which is an medicine for acne. She also acted in the commercial for Pizza hut in 2006 for the Super Bowl XL broadcast show.

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