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Katherine Heigl Biography, Wiki

Katherine Heigl Biography

Katherine (also called Katie) was born on November 24, 1978, in Washington, DC, USA. She spent the majority of her childhood in Connecticut with her parents and siblings John, Jason, and Margaret.

Katherine’s aunt clicked and sent her niece’s pictures to a number of modeling agencies. Very soon a renowned international modeling agency signed her for its ad campaign. This debut of Katherine Heigl records immediately made her famous and was followed by several commercials. She auditioned for several other shows including “As The World Turns”.

After a number of commercials, modeling assignments, and movie auditions, Katherine Heigl profile diversified into feature at an age of 11, “That Night”. Heigl appeared in “King Of The Hill”. For the film, “My Father The Hero”, Katherine got nominated for a Young Artist Award. In publicizing the release of this film, Heigl appeared on her first television talk show.

One of the major Katherine Heigl achievements was the fact that despite her busy schedule, she took out time to continue her academics. This balancing act was a strenuous lesson for her. On one hand, she craved to be a normal student and fulfill her dreams, while her busy timetable made it almost impractical.

“Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” was the first action film of Katherine Heigl profile. The publicity of this movie was so extensive that she appeared on various television shows. In 1996, Katherine took the lead role in “Wish Upon a Star”.

Heigl was also a part of an organization established for school children. She was a member of the organization since its inception and an official spokesperson. Katherine Heigl biography describes her stringent Mormon background.

Katherine had a difficult time when her parents separated and her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Heigl moved to Los Angeles along with her mother, who underwent nine months of intensive chemotherapy.

Katherine was then cast in “Prince Valiant”. The following year, Katherine appeared in a timeless classic “The Tempest”. She did the leading roles in “Bug Buster” and “Bride of Chucky”. Katherine Heigl won Emmy Award and was nominated for the Golden Globe award, for her roles in films, such as “The Ugly Truth”, “27 Dresses”, and “Knocked Up”. In addition to this, her role in a television drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” was also applauded.

Katherine Heigl achievements include “New Year’s Eve”, “Killers”, “The Ringer”, “Valentine”, “100 Girls”. Some television recognition includes “Roswell”, “The Twilight Zone”, and “Love Comes Softly”.

Another fact of Katherine Heigl profile that needs to be mentioned is that Katherine has a production company, Abishag, in partnership with her mother. The company has produced a number of movies and television series.
Recently, Katherine has completed “The Wedding”


Heigl is married to Josh Kelley, a singer and songwriter. The couple has a daughter, Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun. Katherine has homes in Los Angeles and rural Utah. She resides with her family, seven dogs and three cats. Her leisure activities include horse riding, knitting, reading, art, music, and cooking.

Katherine Heigl records some charitable accomplishments that include an organization that is dedicated to animal welfare and various children’s organizations. She is also a campaigner for organ donation.

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