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Katie Price Biography, Wiki

Katie Price Biography

Katie Price Profile denotes that she is an English media person, author, occasional singer, business woman, and former glamour model. She was before known under a pseudonym called Jordan

Katie Price Wiki:

Katie Price Biography states that she was born on 22 May 1978, in Brighton, England. She was named Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield. According to Katie Price Profile She did not think that she would ever become a model or a media person. But as of today Katie Price Profile presents her as a glamour model and television personality. She also an author for magazine columns, she is also an occasional singer, and a successful businesswoman.

As per Katie Price Biography she went on to be a popular model with her playing the topless female glamour model pictographic in Page Three of British newspaper The Sun. With her popularity and high level of public presence, she has forayed in to various trades like television, books, fashion and music.

As per Katie Price Biography Katie has not had a great early days. She and mother were left by her father left while Katie was a four year old child. Later on Katie’s mother Amy got married to a person Paul Price. It is this juncture in life when Katie took a decision to alter her surname to Price from Infield.

As per Katie Price Biography she has a younger half-sister Sophie Price and an elder brother Daniel. Katie Price has been actively taking part in gymnastics, horse-riding and swimming. Even in her adulthood she did not have a very good relationship all through. As per Katie Price Profile she had an illustrious and eventful personal life with a lot of link ups and 2 marriages – first one with a singer named Peter Andre in the year 2005. This relationship got over with a divorce in the year 2009. She got married yet again to a professional fighter named Alex Reid in 2010. This relationship got over in 2011.

Katie Price Achievements: As a Model

Katie Price Achievements were initiated when she took up her career in modelling 17 years ago on a persuasion by one of her friends to go for a professional photo shoot. Much to Katie’s astonishment she was given the modelling contract. Thereon Katie Price Records was seen on Page 3 of Sun newspaper for the first time. It was during this time that she took up the pseudonym Jordan. Since then, she was regularly featured in celebrity magazines and British tabloid newspapers. As per Katie Price Records in the year 2002, she was featured in the Playboy magazine for the first time. But she had been on the cover of the magazine for 6 times prior to this.

Katie Price Achievements: As a Businesswoman and Author

Katie Price records herself as a author who has penned 6 novels and 4 autobiographies till date like the first autobiography ‘Being Jordan’ in 2004, second autobiography ‘A Whole New World’, released in 2006, and in 2006 and 2007, she wrote two novels ‘Angel’ and ‘Crystal’. Katie Price records Other than being an author she is a great businesswoman. She has launched her range of lingerie and swimming costume. She also brought out on her range of jewellery, cosmetics, hair care products, and riding gear.

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