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Kirsten Dunst Biography

As per Kirsten Dunst Profile she was born in Point Pleasant located in New Jersey located in United States Of America to Klaus Dunst who was medical representative and Inez Dunst a gallery owner as on 30/04/1982. At present according to Kirsten Dunst Biography Kirsten’s whole family comprising of her mother and Christian Dunst her younger brother born in 1986 reside in Los Angeles where as her father who got separated from her mother lives in New Jersey. Kirsten Dunst Achievements talk that her career got initiated when Kirsten was mere 3 years of age when she featured in TV commercials and till date has more than 70 commercials to her name And the famous Ford was one of them. Kirsten Dunst Records state that Kirsten had her first movie in 1989 called New York Stories in the Woody Allen Segment. Her persona is so vivacious and so intriguing that it is very infectious. She uses varied colours and hair styles in all her movies. She is an actress with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Kirsten Dunst Records also state that Kirsten got her graduation done at Notre Dame High School, located in Los Angeles. Kirsten is of Swedish and German ancestry.

Kirsten Dunst Wiki

Kirsten Dunst Biography holds KirstenDunst Achievements started as of 1994, when Dunst started her acting career with a bang in the movie Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles with high profile actors like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Kirsten Dunst Profile states that she was adorned with a Golden Globe nomination for this fantabulous performance, she also got the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance as well as award for Best Young Actress by Saturn Awards. As of KirstenDunst Achievements the People’s Magazine named her one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the year 1995. In the year 1994 she also gave another hit film called the Little Women, in the year 1995 she gave movie like Jumanji and in the year 1998 she gave Small Soldiers.

Kirsten Dunst Profile state that the year 2000 has been great for Kirsten as Kirsten was bestowed with great appreciation for her performance in the movie The Virgin Suicides which was directed by Sofia Coppola in the year 1999. In 2000 Kirsten yet again made a point that she was a leading actor in a hit comedy movie called Bring It On. Kirsten gave a try in music in the year 2001 by giving a performance in “Dream Of Me” from Get Over It .At present Kirsten is moving on with her own production line called the Wooden Spoon Production with the help of her mother in the memory of her grandmother who used the wooden spoons to keep her in line when Kirsten was young.

Kirsten Dunst Records holds that Kirsten has been awarded with many rewards like One of 25 Hottest Stars under 25 in the year 2002, was given the vote to 2nd Sexiest women as of Australian Empire Magazine in the year 2002, was ranked 24th by an Entertainment Weekly within 30 under 30 in 2008, In 2005 she was ranked 15 cuttest child stars all grown up, in 2002 she awarded rank 25 among 102 sexiest women in the world.

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