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DAuto Engineering Pvt ltd

B 56 Kasturba nagar front of chetak bridge
Bhopal, madhya-pradesh

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B 56 Kasturba nagar front of chetak bridge
Madhya Pradesh
Bhopal, madhya-pradesh

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Design in Engineering is the process where creative and innovative minds work on product starting from research and design to make it a final product which will further go in manufacturing process and to make that product feasible design engineers use various design software’s like CATIA, AUTOCAD, STAAD PRO, ANSYS and UNIGRAPHICS these design software’s have reduced manpower and improved the efficiency & accuracy. STAAD PRO is structural analysis and design software which is widely used by civil, architectural engineers to analysis and design building, towers, bridges etc. and to calculate loads and what kind of loads should be applied.

DAuto has made its mark in product research, design and development and has been working with different clients on various projects in India and in other parts of the world. Now when it comes to learning of design and drafting software’s DAuto has always been the first choice of students and for those who are job ready because of its team of hardworking and well experienced professionals who gives students not only theoretical and practical knowledge of their respective course right from the basics but also guide them in a way so they get better exposure of working environment. From providing curriculum to accessing of study tools faculty of DAuto always be there for students to make their students learning smooth and convenient.

For more information visit www.dauto.co.in

Or contact 9981500100

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