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In the 2014 general elections, 280 million Indians who experienced a vote — in excess of 18 yrs of age and with their names in the electoral rolls — did not vote. No other democracy on this world even has as many voters. In the US, the world’s next premier democracy, 183 million were registered to vote in the 2016 presidential elections. Just as telling is the point that the 20 most democratic nations in the world (as ranked by the Economist Intelligence Device) had a combined registered voter foundation of about 282 million in their previous national elections they incorporate this kind of big nations as Germany, British isles, Spain and South Korea. So, dropping out on 280 million votes is not just a couple lost votes, it’s like disregarding the collective voice of 20 democratically lively nations.

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Pause for a moment to assume about just how huge a range that is and what it implies to have so several not voting. They constituted about a 3rd of the 834 million registered to vote in 2014. No get together arrived even shut to successful as numerous votes. BJP, which bought the most significant number of votes, had just less than 172 million, Congress 107 million. So the single-most significant party in the elections was genuinely the Non-Voters Party, nearly as significant as the two major countrywide functions combined. What could be a more substantial tragedy in a democracy?


But why did so several not vote? Just one widely held perception is that they couldn’t treatment considerably less. But is that actually genuine? Or is it because several or most of them could not vote? Feel about what it can take to vote. You have to be of suitable age, you have to be registered on the electoral rolls and, most importantly, you have to be physically existing where by you are registered on polling day to be authorized to vote. And which is where the rub lies.

We are, by all accounts, a nation on the shift. Census info tends to make that abundantly apparent. As of 2011, close to 454 million Indians were being classified in the census as migrants — citizens who were not living wherever they were born. Regrettably, the census has not nonetheless produced age-intelligent info on migration, but it does notify us that of these 454 million, 46 million moved for careers, 224 million — just about all of them females — since of marriage, and over 4 million for organization. It is secure to think that practically all of them would be of voting age. Then there were about 8 million who migrated for education and learning. Once more, an frustrating vast majority would be of voting age.

Of the 454 million inside migrants, virtually 21 million had been in their most recent area of residence for a lot less than a yr and yet another 72 million for under four a long time. The chances are a sizeable chunk of them would not be registered to vote the place they currently reside. That’s tens of hundreds of thousands of misplaced votes.

Several shopper providers have adjusted to the truth of Indians on the transfer. Your mobile phone selection moves with you, as does your bank account. Your Aadhaar quantity stays the similar regardless of whether you are living in Agartala or Ahmedabad. So why doesn’t our vote — the essential proper to pick out our representatives — move with us? You could be in Kozhikode performing an MBA at the IIM. Or you could be in a task that keeps you on the transfer every yr or two. Is it realistic to expect you to deregister by yourself in your residence town and register exactly where you materialize to be temporarily, only to go through the entire approach again a yr or so down the line? Now, the technological innovation exists to make it feasible for folks to vote from distant spots with sufficient safeguards to ensure there is no foul engage in. So why not use it?


Our netas have made the decision that NRIs ought to have the suitable to vote by proxy they are Indians after all. Also, armed provider personnel and government officials away on polling duty are entitled to postal ballots — and rightly so. But that very same thing to consider need to be prolonged to each individual Indian, irrespective of wherever she or he lives. Certainly, there are individuals who are as well lazy or apathetic to walk a handful of blocks to forged their vote, but what about the a lot of tens of millions who want to vote but are deprived by circumstance — and a program frozen in time — of this extremely essential democratic proper. At very last rely, there ended up just in excess of 13 million NRIs throughout the world. The quantity of voters in the armed expert services in the previous LS elections was about 1.2 million. These numbers are tiny when compared to the hundreds of tens of millions of interior migrants. And let’s not forget about that it is basically a lot quicker and cheaper for NRIs in quite a few towns — this sort of as Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok — to fly to India than it is for Indians to travel from 1 component of the place to another.

Take into account the penalties of these tens of millions of shed votes. From the place of check out of the underprivileged, the vote is one particular of the couple of matters — if not the only just one — that places them on a par with the effectively-off. Losing this deprives them of their sense of equality and empowerment. The overwhelming presence of ladies between migrants suggests there is also a gender skew to the misplaced votes. Last but not least, there is also the genuine hazard of unscrupulous folks stepping in to vote for somebody who is not all over on polling day in his/her registered constituency.

The Instances of India thinks that Indians on the move inside of the region are as entitled to their franchise as these residing abroad. The Shed Votes marketing campaign will submit a petition to the Election Commission and our netas to make it attainable for just about every Indian to vote irrespective of in which he or she may be quickly positioned. If we have the political and administrative will, today’s globe unquestionably has the technological way to make it possible.

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