New Year Blessings – New Year 2019

New Year Blessings – New Year 2019

The coming of New Year is a year of resolutions, a year to celebrate happy old memories and eradicate the ones to step ahead in your life. We must give New Year blessings to everyone and pray that no evil should come into their lives and God should always do well for them.

The day is observed on January 1, which is the beginning of the new calendar year, but in various other calendars, New Year is celebrated on different dates, though January 1 is considered as New Year date globally. In various countries like UK, Spain and Italy 1st January is considered as a National Holiday.

New Year Blessings:

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In India, New Year is celebrated on different dates by people of different cultures. For teachers day instance, Punjabis celebrate it on Baisakhi i.e., 13th April; Gudi padwa celebrated by the Maharashtrians also come in Mid April and even malayali New Year Vishu is also celebrated in mid of April. So, we can see that the New Year Celebration normally occurs in mid of April in various states of India.

New Year Blessings - New Year 2019

New Year Blessings – New Year 2019

This eve is also celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by people all over the world. Some people visit temples in the early morning to take New Year blessings from their God and in the evening they host dinner for their friends. Some love partying out with their friends while other just lay back and relax by enjoying television commercials.

It was believed that Romans originally dedicated this day to Janus, the god of gates, doors on which the name of the first month is kept (January). This day is considered to be the most celebrated holiday with huge fireworks and get together.

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As far as the history of this festival is concerned, this day is being selected by the Romans as per to their Gregorian Calendar as January 1 is the beginning date of this calendar and hence considered a New Year by them. Though it took some time for each of the country to adopt Gregorian calendar, but finally it happened and now January 1 is celebrated globally as the beginning of a new era.

On this great festival day, people love to exchange gifts, cards and messages having blessings in them. This new era is the beginning of new dreams, new ambitions, and new thoughts and of course, new resolutions. Some people normally make New Year Resolutions and abide by the same for the whole year. For me, I believe that each new day is the new beginning of a new life and we must do something new so that our parents and God should feel proud of us and shower their blessings on us.

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