New Year Quotes – New Year Celebration

Happy New Year Quotes:

Although every community comes up with their own religious calendar and every community marks its Nav Varsh differently but the onset of a bright year is celebrated worldwide using the Gregorian calendar because it was mass acceptance in all countries. According to the Gregorian traditional calendar, the New Year is the first day of the month of January which is celebrated with oodles of excitement and fun.

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The tradition of celebrating the beginning of the year on January 1 is not very old in India and surely there has been enough influence from the Western culture. But when you consider the fact that the Government follows the Gregorian calendar officially then it obviously becomes very logical to celebrate the beginning of the January month.

New Year Quotes:

People from all over the world are very excited and enthusiastic about celebrating this day

New Year Celebration

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With their friends and families so that their bonding may improve. People also celebrate the beginning of a year to put behind the struggles, tensions and hardships of a previous year so that everything is started afresh on a new note in the coming year. The celebration of the beginning of the year also fills one’s mind with a vibrant positive energy which makes a person set out goals and ambitions for the coming year. This is the biggest significance of the celebration of New Year.

New Year Quotes - New Year Celebration

New Year Quotes – New Year Celebration

The celebration for the beginning of a year starts at midnight on 31 December each year for most of the people. Parties, functions and social get-togethers are just an indispensable part of the celebration of the beginning of the year to come. The party halls are decorated with New Year quotes and bright inspirational messages to set in the mood. People wish their loved ones at midnight as soon as the clock strikes 12. You can see that people share their pleasures and happiness about the onset of a year by uploading New Year quotes on their social networking websites’ web pages.

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There is a custom of sending greeting cards to the loved ones and family members who live apart. Today technology has seeped into every celebration; therefore people prefer to send instant messages and text messages to their friends. Sharing New Year quotes on SMS on this day is very comm. People love hitting the dance floors on the night before the beginning of the coming year. Drinking, playing cards, etc., are considered important part of the celebration of this day among youngsters. Some people go creative and they prefer to spend January 1 by doing some kind of social service like distributing woolen blankets to the poor and needy people. No matter in what way you choose to celebrate the first day of January, you should always remember that spreading love is the most beautiful thing and it doesn’t necessarily need an occasion, isn’t it?

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