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Osama Bin Laden Biography, Wiki

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Osama Bin Laden Biography

Useful Information

Born – March 10, 1957 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Died – May 2, 2011 (aged 54) Abbottabad, Pakistan
Cause of death – Ballistic trauma
Years active – 1979–2011
Nationality – Saudi Arabia (1957–1994 ),None (Stateless)(1994–2011)
Complete Name – Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden
Religion – Sunni Islam (Qutbism)
Children – (All 20) Abdallah, Saad, Omar, Hamza, Abdul Rahman, Amer, Osman, Mohammed, Fatima, Iman, Laden, Rukhaiya, Nour, Ali, Safiyah, Aisha, Kadhija, Khalid, Miriam, Sumaiya
Successor – Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Battles/wars – Soviet war in Afghanistan War on Terror:
War in Afghanistan
Battle of Tora Bora
War in North-West Pakistan
Operation Neptune Spear

Osama Bin Laden Wiki

From the biography of Osama Bin Laden, it is found that he had taken birth in wealthy family. When Soviets attacked on Afghanistan in the year 1979 then he collected currency and other supplies for confrontation of Afghan and the mujahedeen. Osama Bin Laden made auxiliary trips and joined combating.

As a prosperous Saudi, he placed out and other Arabs had joined Afghan Muslims. He planned to make a campground and guesthouse, naming them “al-Qaeda”. If you are talking about Osama Bin Laden biography, then you should know that Afghan jihad in opposition to Soviet army was reversed with ‘American dollars’ and governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia supported. However, after the withdrawal of Soviet, Bin Laden turned out to be disenchanted by lack of identification for his attainment. Osama Bin Laden biography says that, half of million United States soldiers were provoked against Saudi soil, momentous infidelity in the eyes of Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden had started to guide his efforts in opposition to United States and its cronies in Middle East.

In the year 1991, Osama Bin Laden was debarred due to his revolutionary activities. Bank accounts of Osama Bin Laden were unmoving and his activities limited. As Laden experienced himself under greater than ever pressure then Bin Laden turn out to be more drastic.According to the biography of Osama Bin Laden, in the mid of the year 1990s, Osama Bin Laden was planning for a worldwide war in opposition to Jews and all Americans and in the year 1998, Osama Bin Laden issued his famed fatwa that was religious ruling, amounting to pronouncement of war in opposition to the United States. Experts say that Osama is a element of worldwide Islamic front who is helpful to bring together Saudi Arab, Egyptian and some other groups. After reading biography Osama Bin Laden, it is found that Osama Bin Laden has been blamed of masterminding of bombing of United States embassies, destruction of ‘World Trade’ Centre and other bombard and attacks. Osama Bin Laden was thinking to become in Afghanistan after September 11th of year 2001.

From the biography Osama Bin Laden, you will find that Al-Qaeda or other groups were connected with it, have sustained to clutch out attacks, even later than it misplaced its basis in ‘Afghanistan’ with elimination of Taliban in the year 2001. The locations of Osama Bin Laden himself remain a mystery.

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