Oster OGG61403 1.4 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

The Oster OGG61403 1.6 cubic inch microwave oven is a true family sized microwave with 1.6 cubic inches of space and 1200 watts of power. A plus for a microwave oven in this price range. It has a clean uncluttered design with a handle for opening and closing and a glass front.

To facilitate whatever it is you are cooking, the Oster microwave oven has ten different power levels and has nine preprogrammed cooking functions that allow for simple, one touch operation. These include: Popcorn, pizza, potato, fresh veg., reheat and soup. In association to these the Oster microwave oven also has thawing options like: Frozen dinner, frozen veg and a speed defrost. There are also options available for cooking and defrosting by weight.

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This Oster microwave oven also has a programmable locking function as a barrier to children. The arrangement of the keys on the control pad allow for ease of use and the systems used seem reasonably intuitive. It has a minute plus key, and a clock and a timer.

The Oster microwave oven has a “squarer” shape (deeper) than a lot of microwave ovens which is good for allowing the free movement of the food being cooked. The Oster microwave oven has the dimensions: Height 13 inches; Length 22 inches; depth 20 inches making it one of the deepest microwave ovens on the market.

Oster Microwave oven Features and Specifications

The Oster microwave oven has 10 Variable power levels
One touch keys for manual operations.
Programmable child lock prevents unsupervised
Dimensions: Height 13”; Length 22”; Depth 20”
1.4 Cubic Foot Volume
Minute plus key
1200 Watts power
Nine preprogramed cooking fubctions for easy, one touch cooking

Oster Microwave Oven Reviews

The Oster microwave oven is well received as a value for money home appliance. Although only 40% of reviewers gave it a 5 rating a further 40% gave it a 4 rating so in these terms this model is well regarded.

I think from comments made, the large size (1.4 cubic feet) of this Oster microwave oven and the fact that it is a full 1200 watt machine has surprised some people because of its price. Some people thought the squarer shape was a good idea because there was no problems with food touching the sides of the oven as it was turning during the cooking process.

People liked the handle arrangement for opening and closing the door of this Oster microwave oven , some saying it was the preferred option over the push button arrangement. Also the glass front was a feature that was well received with comments made that it gave it a well built, reliable sort of feel. A lot of the other models have a plastic composit front.

A few comments mentioned that there seemd to be a lack of venting in the Oster microwave oven. This meant that when you are cooking or heating a liquid the steam is not vented away quickly enough and on completion of the program there is a lot of condensation that has to wiped off the inside of the oven.


The general consensus appeared to be that the Oster microwave oven was uncomplicated and easy to use and the nine preset buttons were handy for quick action. Some people found that it was also fast in operation.

Again mention was made of the usefulness of the manual that is supplied with the Oster microwave oven to clarify operational procedures to remove guess work and frustration. Some people may be able to figure the operational procedure out but those less “techy” people may find the manual a useful tool.

The microwave seems to be a new niche for the Oster company, but the respect for the brand came through in some of the comments. The rather uncomplicated nature of this appliance, and the features it has that are found in more expensive ovens, leads us to recommend the Oster microwave oven at Position 5.

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