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Places to visit in Agartala

Places to visit in Agartala

Agartala is the capital of the state of Tripura. It lies on the Haora River and is located 2 km from Bangladesh. It has several temples and palaces. The population of Agartala was 189,327 in 2001. The Capital Agartala was founded in AD 1838 by Maharaja Krishna kishore Manikya(1830-1849).

The Agartala Municipality was instituted in 1871 during the reign of Maharaja Chandra Manikya(1862-1896). The First British Political Agent, Mr. A.W.B. Power appointed for hill Tipprah in 1871, was offered the honour of being the Chairman of the Agartala Municipality. Agartala city consists of many Paras, which means “locality” in Bengali. Each neighbourhood or para is usually a municipal ward or division also.

The major areas of the city are Krishnanagar, Banamalipur, Dhaleshwar, Shibnagar, Ramnagar, Joynagar, Abhoynagar, Radhanagar, Arundhutinagar, Gol Bazaar and Gurkha Basti. Kunjaban, which is an independent town is also part of the Agartala urban area. These areas are further subdivided into residential blocks, such as Banamalipur is divided into North Banamalipur, Madhya Banamlipur, South Banamalipur, etc.


College Tilla – Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Tripura University buildings, football ground, international cricket stadium, picturesque lush landscapes & serene natural lakes.

Ujjayanta Palace – Palace of the Tripura kings, now converted to state legislative assembly.

Jagannath temple – Hindu temple of Vaishnava school of thought.

Umamaheswar temple – Hindu temple of Shaiva & Shakta schools of thought.


Agartala can be reached by air from Delhi & Chennai via kolkata,Kolkata or Guwahati and by road from Guwahati and Silchar. There are many flights from Guwahati and Kolkata and a number of airlines operate in this route. It might be better to consult a authorized travel agent to choose the best at lowest fare. Airfare varies from Rs. 3330 to Rs.700. There is a direct bus link from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The same bus continues to Kolkata after a break at the Dhaka bus terminal.

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