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Places to visit in Bihar

Places to visit in Bihar

Bihar travel and tourism features a large number of tourist destinations spread in various parts of the state. It is located in northern India along the eastern Gangetic Plains. Bihar has a significant place in the cultural history of India for being the birthplace of Buddhism and Jainism. Tourists can encounter some of the finest Mughal and Hindu architectural expertise in this place.

The ideal time for traveling in Bihar is between October and March when the weather remains salubrious.

The culture of Bihar can be traced through its various handicrafts and festivals. Bihar is known for its bamboo works, potteries, leather products, wall hangings and applique work. The Mithila and Madhubani paintings are important artworks of the place. Festivals like Chatth Puja, Bihula, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti and other Hindu festivals are celebrated in Bihar with extreme enthusiasm. During Holi, people sing typical songs called Phagua. Bihar also possesses a rich theatrical culture. Various forms of theater, which have roots in the state, are Bihula-Bisahari, Sama-Chakeva, Reshma-Chuharmal and Dom-Kach.

One must pay a visit to the forts of Bihar. The Rohtasgarh Fort, Raj Mahal, Maner Fort, Palamu Fort and Munger Fort are some of the most visited places of Bihar. Besides, there are many tourist attractions in Bihar. Some of them are:

Har Mandir
Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
Sher Shahi Mosque
Bodhi Tree
Mahabodhi Temple
The Dungeshwari Cave Temples
Ashokan Pillar
Shanti Stupa
Barabar Caves
Budha Stupa-I
Budha Stupa-II
Vishnupad Temple
Nalanda archeological museum
Xuan Zang Memorial Hall
Bimbisar jail
Pippala cave

There are also a large number of pilgrimage centers in Bihar. They are divided into Buddhist and Jain circuits.

  • Buddhist pilgrimages Jain pilgrimages

Lauriya Nandangarh

  • Jain pilgrimages


Typical Bihari cuisine includes dishes like Kadhi, Sattu, Chiwra, Pua, Parwal Ka Mithai, Khaja and Chena Murki. These mouth watering dishes are served in the restaurants located across the state. Reaching Bihar

Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is linked by Indian Airlines with important cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow and Ranchi. Besides, Air Deccan and Sahara Air also connect Patna with various cities of India.

Regular bus services connect the city of Patna with Ranchi and Siliguri. There is also inter-state bus service available for commuting within the state. The bus stand is located at Mithapur. The various means of local transport include cars, auto rickshaw and rickshaws.
Train services connect Patna with locations like Kolkata, Delhi, Ranchi and Varanasi, Pawapuri as well as other important Indian cities and towns.

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