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Places to visit in Chandigarh

Places to visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the Capital city of two states Punjab and Haryana, India. It is a new city built to be the capital of Punjab. The city was designed by Sir Le Cobusier. Even being just around a 60 years old Chandigarh carries a blend of history and modern trend. It is often called the “city-beautiful”. It is a neat and beautiful city with populations of Punjab University Students and retired officers of high rank in Indian army and air force.

Chandigarh is connected by road to the various cities of North India. Tourism department buses of the North Indian States ply daily to Chandigarh. The nearest airports are Delhi and Amritsar. The nearest railway station is 7 Km from the city center.

Capitol Complex as the name indicates, is a complex comprising of the High court, the Assembly and the Secretrate all in one. They are bound to each other in the same complex and the architecture is a visual delight to the onlookers. It is also embellished with symbol of Chandigarh- the open hand which conveys the messege “open to give and open to receive”. The open hand monument is in the center of the three buildings rising above the three at 85 ft.

Rock garden is an open air exhibition of various articles made out of the industrial and urban waste. It has a large collection of different rock formations, hence the name rock garden. This garden was the work of a single person Nek chand who collected and made all these artifacts himself. He used to deposit his collection near a hut which was on a dumping ground of the industrial and urban waste. This collection wqs discovered in 1973 and the rock garden was inaugurated in 1976.
Tourists who are fond of shopping will enjoy the sector 17 shopping area. It is next to the capitol complex. Beautiful fountains and neon lights with clean roads make this place attractive to tourists as well as locals.

Sukhna lake is another tourist spot in Chandigarh. It is an artificial lake and the 2 Km footpath aound it makes a good place for strolling. Morning and evening walkers and joggers can be seen near the sukhna lake taking the daily dose of health.

Large number of gardens keep the city relatively less polluted. Leisure valley which runs through most part of the city is a unique array of different gardens. Large areas are covered with different species of the same flower. Rose garden has a large collection of various species of roses. Similarly the fragrance garden has all the aromatic flower plants. Hibiscus garden and bougenville garden showcases almost all the species of repective plants.

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