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Places to visit in Orissa

Places to visit in Orissa

Orissa is one of the most historical states of India where relics of history and heritage have been best preserved. There are many attractions in the state that entice the tourists and pilgrims. The famous shrine of Hindus the Jagannatha Temple at Puri, the Sun Temple or Konark Temple at Konark where many tourists come each year (Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Orissa).

The fabulous coastal belt of Orissa offer some of the finest white sand beaches in the world. Thousands of devotees flock to Puri as it is the prime venue for traditional purification bath. The beach lovers find the Chandipur beach much exciting because of the resort here. The virgin seaport of Gopalpur on sea is a must visit and other beaches which are surely not be missed include Konark Beach, Balighai Beach, Talasari Beach and Pati-Sonapur Beach.

Puri Beach:

Puri is among the most holy cities of India. It receives many pilgrims because of the holy shrine of Jagannatha each year. The pilgrims coming here make sure to take a holy dip in waters of Puri beach. The beach of Puri is regarded as one of the best beaches in India. Metaphors may fall short for the enchanting sunsets and sunrises at Puri Beach. Hatted fishermen navigating the tourists through the magnificent breakers rolling from the Bay of Bengal is one of the common sites here.

Konark Beach:

The lavish beach of Konark is a one of the most visited and finest beaches of India. Located at a distance of 35 Km from Puri on marine drive, the beach is must for the sea lovers. The voyage from Puri to Konark is very thrilling. The Sun Temple here is among the famous architectural splendors of the state.

Chandipur Beach:

The tranquil sea side resort where the sea recede and proceed 5 km everyday, Chandipur is located 16 Km from Balasore and marked with Casuriana trees. Tshe usual twist of the ebb and flow of the waters which draws off the sea, almost 5 km away from the beach is its key attraction. The beach combers will find pleasure here collecting sea-shells and driftwood. Enjoy a jeep ride when the water has receded far away from the golden sands.

Gopalpur on Sea:

The virgin, untouched beach of Orissa at Gopalpur on sea is frequented by a less tourist and so the excitement level is higher here as compared to other places. This pristine beach of Orissa,located about 16-km from Berhampur, is a spectacular retreat for sea lovers. The surfers and sailors are much delighted here. This surreal beach is ideal for boating and yachting. Located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the beach is just perfect for recreation.

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