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Places to visit in Port Blair

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Places to visit in Port Blair

The prison land mass, Port Blair was well-known as “Kala pani”, an imprisonment in an island enclosed by water throughout the British Period. One can take pleasure in the Sound and Light programmes that take place every day to discover about the viciousness and cruelty of the prison. Corbyn’s cove that is nearly 7 km from the Port Balir and is the closest beach but it is dangerous for swimming. Some of the additional chief appeals in the island are Samaria Marine Museum, Mini Zoo and Forest Museum , Anthropological Museum, Water Sports Complex, Wan door, Ross Island, and Chiriya Tapu.

Flourishing trees and plants encircled by water and merely a few of people make Port Blair a natural and unusual land overflowing with exceptional flora and fauna. The Union territory capital has dense rain forests and extreme bio diversity. Linked with other cities by an airbase and Port Blair is a sparsely populated place, with a population of just about 3.6 lakh people. Chief languages spoken in Port Blair are Nicobarese, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Bengali.
Pot Blair is a heaven for environmentalist and ornithologists with nearly 250 types of birds, 46 different kinds of mammals and 80 species of reptiles-some of them atypical and almost wiped out. These species reside in thick rain forests bounded by mangroves that almost seem to be part of the sea. The brilliant tropical flowers are also very close to the sea, together with the orchid, and a range of butterflies.

Volcanoes The island even have own inactive volcano and those who are audacious enough to go up to the mouth on desolate Island by no means fail to remember the view of the lava inside or the hard lava-like rocks that make the scaling up a near unfeasibility on the beaches in Andaman. The majority of the population is the colonists from Burma.


The Climate is reasonable with maximum temperature being 30 and minimum being 18 degree Celsius. The rainfall is considerably good during the months of July to September and is around 325 cm. By Air: Port Blair is linked with the cities like Chennai and Kolkata by air. By Ship: Traveler ships are obtainable from places like Chennai, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam and then back. There are around three to four ships sailing from Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair each month. Journey by ship is a memorable journey and the travelers enjoy every bit of it.

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