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Places to visit in Tamil Nadu

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Places to visit in Tamil Nadu

It is no doubt that Tamil Nadu is one of the most significant destinations in India. The state has a traditional and rich cultural heritage -music, dance, art and craft that have attracted artists for centuries. Tourists are overwhelmingly drawn to this mingling, chaotic colorful state typifying all that is India.

The fascinating amalgam of ancient, colonial and modern, teh state still maintains its strong traditions portrayed through its people’s love and age-old cultural practices. It has earned the reputation of being the state of great archeological importance. It boosts of over 30000 temples that are a must visit on the pilgrimage tour to India.

Geographically, the most prominent feature of this south Indian state is its white sandy beaches that have their own unique appeal that keeps on pulling the tourists from all over the world. The state is blessed with supreme scenic beauty, found in its fascinating hill stations – Kodaikanal, Ooty, Kotagiri, Velliangiri Hills Yercaud.
Travel to Tamil Nadu is surely not complete without a visit to its luxurious wildlife parks and sanctuaries that area a home to some of the rare and endangered species. Some of the most famous among them are Mudumali Sanctuary, Anamalai Sanctuary, Calimere Sanctuary and Vedantangal Sanctuary.

Apart from that you can be a part of the India’s ancient form of dance – Bharatnatyam, which is said to be the mythological rendition in an expressive form. Also Tamil Nadu is the shoppers paradise – you can purchase the famous Kanjeevaram saris, Tanjore paintings, and exquisite handicraft items.

In totality Tour to Tamil Nadu is a complete surprise pack for the tourists. Traveling to Tamil Nadu is quite convenient as its well connected to all the major destinations in the world by air.

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