Sanyo EM-S6588S 1-Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven Reviews

Sanyo EM-S6588S Microwave Oven has a 1000 watt power rating, and with a volume of 1 cubic foot can accommodate large portions of food for cooking. The 12.4 inch glass turntable plate is bigger than a dinner plate and allows even, thorough cooking. To assist the Chef there are ten power settings.

The digital display of this Sanyo microwave oven is in two colors to make it easier to read, and the control panel includes a timer for cooking and a clock for the time of day if so desired. Also included is a lock to prevent children gaining access.

The electronic control panel of this Sanyo microwave oven is well set out to make things simpler, and there are eight menu choices that enable direct access for one touch programming functions that cover often used or popular processes. As well as these choices, there are other cooking functions that are designed to allow the users to select differing times and differing power levels so that the cooking of meals can be planned in different stages. This means you can enter two different kinds of settings and the Sanyo microwave oven will undertake the first then the second.

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Another feature of this Sanyo microwave oven to give some flexibility is its ability to defrost food by either weight or time. The Sanyo microwave oven measures: Height 12”; Width 20.2”; Depth 17.4” and it carries a one-year parts-and-labor warranty.

It is easy to clean with a soft cloth and using some mild detergent. Just wipe this Sanyo microwave oven down and then remove the detergent by rinsing with a cloth and wipe dry.

Sanyo Microwave Oven Features and Specifications

1000-watt Power Rating microwave oven
One cubic foot inside volume with ten power levels
The glass turntable is 12.4” in diameter.
The Electronic keypad is a two color digital display. Included is a clock and cooking timer. There is also a child lock.
The Control Panel of this Sanyo microwave oven has eight 8 menu keys for direct access. Plus there is a multistage cooking function that can be programmed
Ability to defrost food either by weight or time;
The microwave oven measures H: 12”; L 20.2”: D 17.4”
Included with purchase is a 1-year parts & labor warranty.

Sanyo Microwave Oven Reviews

Rather mixed reviews for this Sanyo microwave oven. Some people thought it was great, rating it a 5; these people made up only 42%, however. Whereas 22.5% rated it a 4 and almost a fifth (19%) rated it a 3. So of those who purchased this microwave oven, significantly less than half appear to be not really satisfied with it.

One quote from a reviewer sums up the feeling of the other reviews, “This Sanyo microwave oven is adequate since I won’t use it a lot, but I can’t give it rave reviews”.

Now the Sanyo microwave oven appeared to do a good job as far as dealing with food goes, but there were a number of issues in its design that disappointed people.

Purchasers thought the method of entering choices on the control panel of this Sanyo microwave oven was awkward and unnecessarily complicated, although others said that reading the manual helped sort this out.


People appreciated the glass front on the door of this Sanyo microwave oven where they noted other brands were plastic, and some like the handle to pull open the door rather than a button to push. There was surprise and disappointment, however, that the turntable plate was made of glass and not pyrex.

The beep for completing the cooking function was too loud on the Sanyo microwave oven and it surprised people that it did not stop when you opened the door, but always gave the five beeps – one mother complained that she couldn’t use it to warm her baby’s milk at night as it might wake the whole household.

We always come across varying opinions in these reviews but take the majority decision, and as significantly less than 50% of the reviews gave the Sanyo microwave oven a five ranking we would tend to not recommend this microwave oven and we have given it Position 7.

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