Saphala Ekadashi Vrat 2019

Saphala Ekadashi Vrat 2019

Saphala Ekadashi 2019 Date: 1 January,2019

On the ekadashi of the Krishna paksha fast is observed and that is the Saphala Ekadasi Vrat. On this day people offer special prayers to Lord Narayan. It is said that one is who is going to this fast needs to get up early in the morning and do his routine work such as bathing and all. After this, prayers are offered and an aarti is done. Donations are given to Brahmins and those who are poor and downtrodden. Along with the fast person following the fast must also do jaagran and kirtan path. This has done in the night time. It is believed that one who does this gets success in that he/she does. Virtues re obtained by people as per their name.

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The story behind Saphala ekadashi is after a king named Mahishmaan who was the king of Champavati. The emperor had four offspring. His eldest child was Lumpaka and he was a great offender. He always used to do the wrong doings. all the works he was involved in were always wrong. And above all he used to waste the money earned by his father on his evil deeds.

He was never in favor of God and said bad things about God and also the Brahmins. It was after a long time that the king came to know about all this. The king ordered that he must be thrown out of the kingdom. When he was left alone and abandoned by all he started to think what he must do now. So, he decided to steel at the kingdom the same night. He use to stay outside in the day time and in the night he stole at his father’s place and also created nuisance in the kingdom. The guards caught him several times but as they took him as the son of the king they left him.

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The forest in which Lumpak resided was one of the dearest of lord. Lumpak used to stay under a peepal tree. On the day of Krishna paksha dashmi of Paush Masa, it was very cold and as result Lumpak fainted. Only in the afternoon he regained consciousness. He collected some fruits from nearby and offered to the tree and again lost conscious. Then gain in the night he was fine. God was pleased by this and set him free from all his sins.

As soon as Lumpak came to know this he became excited and wore new clothes and went to the king, his father. He was made the king then and his father took sanyas.

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Lumpak got excited by hearing that all his sins were removed. He immediately wore new clothes and reached to his father. His father handed over the kingdom to Lumpak, and went into the woods, leaving everything behind.

Saphala Ekadashi 2019 Date: 1 January,2019

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