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Steve Jobs Biography

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Born – February 24, 1955 San Francisco, California, U.S.
Died – October 5, 2011 (aged 56) Palo Alto, California, U.S.
Occupation- Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple Inc., Co-founder and CEO, Pixar, Co-founder and CEO, NeXT Inc.
Board member of – The Walt Disney Company,[3] Apple Inc.
Years active- 1974–2011
Nationality – American
Complete Name – Steven Paul Jobs
Alma mater – Reed College (dropped out)
Religion – Zen Buddhism
Spouse – Laurene Powell (1991–2011, his death)
Children – Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Reed, Erin, Eve

Steve Jobs Wiki

After reading Biography of Steve Jobs, it is found that the birth date of him is 24 February of year 1955. His mother was Joanne Simpson and father was Abdul fattah, who was also popular as “John” Jandali. His father was a professor of political science and his mother worked as speech therapist. After a very short time, when Steve Jobs was positioned for adoption then his genetic parents married. When Steve Jobs was 27 years old then he tried to uncover the information about his genetic parents. His family was lived in ‘Mountain’ that was nearer to the Silicon Valley of California.

It is very easy to get more information about Steve Jobs from Steve Jobs Biography, that Steve and his father was like to do electronic work in his family garage. Therefore, he is very talented from his childhood to make innovative and new technologies.

With the help of his innovative mind, he made various electronic devices but among all of those, “Apple Computers” was most innovative technology. After completing his high school, Jobs went to the Portland, Oregon for doing his study in Reed College. At that time, he was lacking the right direction so after 6 months he left the college. After leaving the college, he spent his 18 months in the creative classes. Jobs afterward narrated that how 1 course of calligraphy is helpful to develop his love for typography. In the year 1974, Jobs got a designation of designer of video game with Atari. After several months, he had left to Atari for finding religious illumination in India, itinerant continent and experimentation of psychedelic drugs.

In the year 1976, Wozniak and Steve started ‘Apple Computers’ and at that time, Steve was only 21 years old. The double act started in family garage of Steve Jobs and furnished their commercial venture after Wozniak put up for sale his favorite ‘scientific calculator’ and Steve Jobs put up for sale his ‘Volkswagen bus’. Wozniak and Steve Jobs are accredited with modernized ‘computer industry’ through and making machinery smaller, intuitive, accessible and cheaper democratizing technology for everyday consumers. From the biography Steve Jobs, it is clear that the two envision series of comprehensible personal computers and in the beginning; they marketed at $666.66 each. The first model Apple I received approx $774,000. After three years, release of the second model Apple II had increased its sales from 700 percent to the $139 million- dollars.

In the year 1980, Apple Computer got more publicity and provided a huge benefit to the company by trading of Apple Computers.

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