The Importance of Lakshmi Puja in the Hindu Culture and the Beliefs behind It

The Importance of Lakshmi Puja

The crackers and Diyas illuminate the environment, but Lakshmi puja is one such ritual in Hindu culture that illuminates the soul of the people and brings them closer to Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is considered the Goddess of wealth, grandeur and prosperity.

On the virtuous day of Deepawali, a puja ceremony is conducted for Goddess Lakshmi in order to please her and get her blessings. The biggest significance of Lakshmi puja lies in the fact that it unites the Hindu family at a religious or spiritual level on the festival of lights. The family members come closer to each other and pray for the well being of their family.

Significance of Lakshmi puja:
The family members collectively perform the Lakshmi puja with pure hearts and pray that their family should become stronger financially. This major puja ceremony is one of the biggest highlights of the Deepawali festival in most of North Indian families. Some business class people perform the Lakshmi puja in their offices too and they also place an idol of Goddess Lakshmi in their money lockers after the ceremony. This Lakshmi puja provides an emotional security and sense of well being to the families. On the evening of the Deepawali festival, this Lakshmi puja is performed at the `auspicious muhurat’.

After the sun sets, the family members bathe and dress up in bright colored traditional clothes. The men of the house wear kurta-pyjama and the ladies wear beautiful sarees. The family members try to perform the puja ceremony with as much grandeur as their finances permit. The reason behind this is not just show off, but the feeling of making `offerings’ to the Goddess of wealth prevail behind it. Rich people buy gold coins, necklaces etc to adorn their home temples and idols. But the `not so rich’ people also prefer to buy silver coins or fake gold coins with pure heart so as to show their gratitude towards the Goddess of whatever they have got in life.

The significance of Lakshmi puja can also be linked to the mythology associated with it. Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the deep ocean waters during the `samudra manthan’ event. She was dressed in beautiful clothes, ornaments and she sat of a huge lotus flower. The Lakshmi puja is conducted each year on Diwali to pay respects to the Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that the coming year becomes financially profitable for those families who perform the puja ceremony with true feelings.

The significance of Lakshmi puja is that the people want to accumulate a lot of wealth and they wish for more money from the Goddess while thanking her. But the Goddess Lakshmi truly blesses only those people who are good at heart and who believe in putting in efforts to gain wealth. As a good omen, the Lord Ganpati are also worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi on this day because Lord Ganpati’s blessings are very helpful in completing important things without hurdles as he is known as `vighnaharta’.

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